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Paying attention; attentive; heedful.


(ædˈvɜr tnt)

attentive; heedful.
[1665–75; < Latin advertent-, s. of advertēns, present participle of advertere. See advert1, -ent]
ad•vert′ent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.advertent - giving attentionadvertent - giving attention      
attentive - (often followed by `to') giving care or attention; "attentive to details"; "the nurse was attentive to her patient"; "an attentive suitor"
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IJI affords them protection from inadvertent effects of valid provincial legislation equivalent to that available to them independently from advertent (and thetefore invalid) provincial interference.
WikiLeaks later very likely disseminated those documents, becoming, in the view of the FBI and CIA directors, either an advertent or inadvertent agent of the Russian Intelligence Services.
Resultantly, the advertent thesis being espoused is that drought causes famine.
Any advertent or inadvertent delay can seriously jeopardize his health,' he added.
Putting aside the question whether this leak was advertent or inadvertent, the grumble made during the discourse has exposed inside feelings of the coalition partners.
In an era that is beset with digital self-determinism by the young and its advertent fallout -- shrinking attention spans, socio-cultural isolation and diminished pursuit of intellectual challenges, grave fault lines that are developing faster than one can map them -- endeavours by the UAE such as the ARC and SIBF are lifelines for the classical survival and intellectual revival of the written word and the love for reading.
Citing Whiten and Vorvis, the Court warned, "punitive damages are restricted to advertent wrongful acts that are so malicious and outrageous that they are deserving punishment on their own." (117) Under Wallace and Honda, the court in Gordon was free to award punitive damages for the breach of an implied duty of good faith resulting from the Defendant's 'dishonest' misconduct.
Justice Qazi Faez Isa, a member of the bench, observed that it has been settled in the landmark verdict in a case famously called Panamagate that an advertent or inadvertent mistake could lead to disqualification.
"I don't know whether it was inadvertent or advertent, but it is completely condemnable," she said.
Advertent or inadvertent exposure to a diverse group of substances can result in poisoning.
In sum, "framing can be an insidious, even in advertent, barrier to new ideas, as well as a potent drumbeater for both stereotypes and the status quo" (Witt et al., 1995, p.
the advertent component of copying, and with it the understanding of