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Adv.1.advertently - in a careful deliberate manneradvertently - in a careful deliberate manner  
inadvertently, unknowingly, unwittingly - without knowledge or intention; "he unwittingly deleted the references"
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For instance, it affects the health of the Nigerian consumer ; since it is advertently or inadvertently depriving the Nigerian consumer and populace , the opportunity of a regulatory agency to check the quality of advert promotions for some products they consume.
An acclaimed scholar and researcher Dr.Tariq Rehman made question by giving a s tatement that why we are killing indigenous languages advertently and knowingly in establishing English as dominance in character.
It precludes the provinces from doing inadvertently, carelessly, or accidentally what the Constitution prohibits them from doing advertently. (61) Secondly, IJI operates even in the absence of any conflicting federal law--even where the federal order has not chosen, or has chosen not, to exercise its own legislative authority in relation to those core federal matters.
A civic space, which all too often, however advertently or inadvertently, denies the historical and contemporary presence of Native people and tribal-state issues within the political and cultural life of the state of South Dakota.
Women's health issues continue to be stigmatised and silenced, advertently or inadvertently, due to a culture of shame surrounding their bodies and bodily functions, or a lack of understanding or outright dismissal of their suffering.
The fear of that drunken selfie is advertently stopping our young from going on the dangerous path my generation of women have taken, a booze-fuelled existence.
"The Prime Minister is violating the Model Code Conduct (MCC) shamelessly and advertently. He made political statements, held a procession after casting his votes today," Singhvi told reporters here.
In 2004, the US Congress led the prohibition on assault weapons and high capacity gun magazines to expire advertently. As of 2016, there were no federal laws in the US banning 50 caliber rifles, handguns, semi-automatic firearms or large capacity ammunition magazine.
class="MsoNormalThere are two fundamental issues that are advertently or inadvertently glossed over.
Finally, she called on all stakeholders to help make the internet a safe place for kids, since most of the decisions taken would advertently affect the wellbeing of their lives.
Whereas, the Price Control Committee (PCC) has also cordoned off these unreasonably self-fixed prices advertently due to their connivance with sellers.
(19) As Huysmans posits, 'the preference for desecuritising rather than securitising phenomena rests on an ethico-political critique of a particular organisation of the political.' (20) Given that security cannot easily be detached from notions of threat, urgency, survival, and enmity, the resulting dilemma is whether one could at all refer to security without (advertently or inadvertently) mobilising threat scenarios that by default remove security politics from normal political procedures.