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Adv.1.advertently - in a careful deliberate manneradvertently - in a careful deliberate manner  
inadvertently, unknowingly, unwittingly - without knowledge or intention; "he unwittingly deleted the references"
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The CM said he would present an apology to nation if he had ever committed any mistake advertently or inadvertently but would never waste time by telling lies day in day out.
Advertently or inadvertently Trump is echoing Indian propaganda against Pakistan.
The petitioners said wife of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif advertently hid facts from the nation, hence she was not eligible to contest elections and the decision of approval of her nomination papers by the returning officer should be revoked.
advertently t missed ten, ving That quite often, some sound like they are lazily living off their playing reputations.
This will advertently lead to meaningful research output and enhanced research productivity of the academic community that the library is located so as to be able to compete favourably with their counterparts in developed world.
This issue should be advertently addressed in Florida's appellate rules, and a consistent approach adopted.
com/article/2016/09/27/flash-tom-felton-harry-potter-jokes) Entertainment Weekly , executive producer Todd Helbing revealed that Barry is no longer the sole forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department when he returns to the main timeline from the Flashpoint reality that he advertently created after he traveled back in time in the Season 2 finale.
CCI cautioned that all those who participate in association activities, through meetings or otherwise, whether as a member or an executive or manager or employee, have to be sensitive to the discussions not transgressing advertently or otherwise into anti-trust behaviour or practices.
At times haemothorax is induced advertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedure, which is known as "Iatrogenic Haemothorax.
The paper ends with a note of recommendation for the TV channels in general and the comedians in particular, that advertently or inadvertently, become agents in spreading hatred and intolerance against individuals and groups leading to further reinforcement of different forms of prejudice that already exist in our society.
They say that the council, advertently or inadvertently, both in their own specific cases and generally, discourage and divert applications so that individuals are denied their statutory rights to have their situation properly inquired into and be given interim accommodation whilst those inquiries are being made.