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v. ad·ver·tised, ad·ver·tis·ing, ad·ver·tis·es
1. To make public announcement of, especially to proclaim the qualities or advantages of (a product or business) so as to increase sales. See Synonyms at announce.
2. To make known; call attention to: advertised my intention to resign.
3. To warn or notify: "This event advertises me that there is such a fact as death" (Henry David Thoreau).
1. To call the attention of the public to a product or business.
2. To inquire or seek in a public notice, as in a newspaper: advertise for an apartment.

[Middle English advertisen, to notify, from Old French advertir, advertiss-, to notice; see advert1.]

ad′ver·tis′er n.
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Adj.1.advertised - called to public attentionadvertised - called to public attention; "these advertised products"
publicised, publicized - made known; especially made widely known
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I have never met that sort of paragon myself, but I have seen these paragons advertised amongst ships for sale.
It was disposed of to a bookseller, it was even advertised, and why the business proceeded no farther, the author has never been able to learn.
Business is business, I suppose, and a play has to be advertised somehow.
who advertised in the -shire Herald of last Thursday, possesses the acquirements mentioned, and if she is in a position to give satisfactory references as to character and competency, a situation can be offered her where there is but one pupil, a little girl, under ten years of age; and where the salary is thirty pounds per annum.