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Summary: Paris - The advertising campaign to promote the Marrakech destination, launched by the Moroccan tourism office in Paris over 2009-2010, won the Prize of the best advertising campaign in France.
LIBERTY MUTUAL'S new advertising campaign, "Responsibility: What's Your Policy?
The AICPA kicked-off its fall schedule for this year's national advertising campaign with radio spots on Oct.
The Louisiana Office of Tourism is kicking off its new advertising campaign, which features Louisiana's music as the cornerstone of the tourism message.
9, 1999, and two other segments aired during the previous eight days were among 17 programs for which the sports cable network received credit from the Office of National Drug Control Policy's TV advertising campaign.
There is no standard formula in the creation of an effective advertising campaign.
based insurer a household name, but have also skyrocketed sales since the advertising campaign with the duck began three years ago.
The Democratic National Committee quietly transferred at least $32 million to state Democratic parties in the past election as part of an elaborate plan to spend more money than federal election law appeared to allow on a massive advertising campaign that indirectly helped re-elect President Clinton.
Reynolds has agreed to pay $10 million to Los Angeles and 12 other California cities to end a lawsuit over the advertising campaign.
The print advertising campaign is mainly comprised of national daily newspapers and magazines.
Baby Bee Bright Corporation, (Pink Sheets:BBGT), developer of a unique prenatal learning system, announced today that the company launched an aggressive electronic advertising campaign for its prenatal education system and associated accessory product line.
TSM|MediaEffect, the first-of-its-kind mobile advertising campaign brand awareness and effectiveness research survey, was made available in September.

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