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Noun1.advertizer - someone whose business is advertisingadvertizer - someone whose business is advertising
huckster - a person who writes radio or tv advertisements
plugger, promoter, booster - someone who is an active supporter and advocate
publiciser, publicist, publicizer - someone who publicizes
touter, tout - someone who advertises for customers in an especially brazen way
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Soniwyd am y Scarbourough News oedd yn gweld pleidlais Brexit fel cic yn nhin Westminster ac yna'r Harogate Advertizer oedd yn poeni am y northern powerhouse yn dilyn y bleidlais, fel hefyd y Yorshire Post, yn naturiol.
He is the visionary force behind industry leaders such as Gulf Marcom Agency, Hill & Knowlton Strategies established in 1985, Eventscom, Gulf Translations, Gulf Marcom Media House, Advertizer, 3 BL Associates and many others.
An entry in Covent Garden's accounts for 10 June 1767 records the receipt from Mr Woodfall of "one year's profit of the Public Advertizer as Per Agreement at 100[pounds sterling] Per Annum" (Covent Garden Theatre Accounts 1766-67 f.
Imagine, the biggest advertizer of Le Journal, Ameublements Tanguay, a furniture chain stores, has withdrawn its advertising for as long as the conflict will last.
Harrisburg, Virginia, Rockingham Register and Advertizer, May 17, 1861.
North Bay, P1B 2L2 Gateway 1/<$500,000
From the advertizer's perspective, ads are aimed at informing the public of the existence of a certain product and, at the same time, at encouraging demand.
Under the deal, Gulf Marcom Group will transfer its expertise in the areas of advertising and marketing communications to Advertizer, an agency owned by Turkapital Holding and established specially to engage in advertising and marketing communications in Turkey and Eastern Europe.
This poses an immense challenge for advertizers as well.