advice vs. advise

What is the difference between advice and advise?

Advice is a noun, meaning “an opinion, suggestion, or recommendation.” Advise is the verb form, meaning “to give (someone) an opinion, suggestion, or recommendation.” For example:
  • “Allow me to give you some advice: travel as much as you can while you’re still young.”
  • “My father advised me to travel as much as I can.”
  • “Can you give me some advice on which computer I should buy?”
  • “Can you advise me on which computer I should buy?”
In addition to their difference in meaning, the two words are also pronounced slightly differently. Advice ends with an /s/ sound that rhymes with nice: /ædˈvaɪs/. Advise, meanwhile, ends with a /z/ sound that rhymes with wise: /ædˈvaɪz/.

Spelling Tricks and Tips

We can remember the spelling and pronunciation differences like this:
  • It’s nice to give advice, but only let a wise person advise you.
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