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Worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent.

ad·vis′a·bil′i·ty, ad·vis′a·ble·ness n.
ad·vis′a·bly adv.


advzu Recht
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Only then we will be able to make a recommendation as to whether the test findings should advisably lead to changes in the design of cab lighting.
In its own right, it is high-time (perhaps even long overdue) that such descriptions, advisably should be read, as mere oversimplifications, lacking the adequate content, which may have enabled me to engage further, for the benefit of this exercise.
All Kuwaiti citizens and students have advisably to keep away from the sites of the planned rallies and follow the safety instructions set forth by local authorities, the Embassy said in a statement on Friday.
However, with memories of the previous bout of heat which claimed over 2,000 lives, the city's roads remained deserted in the afternoon as residents advisably preferred to remain indoors.
Necessarily for the Netherlands and advisably for America, present-day Christian public appearance should be kept closer to the church as institute.
The plodding elements of the complicated yarn are among several fixable concerns that would advisably be addressed en route to Gotham.
The Town midfielder, perhaps advisably, was substituted soon after.
Socially responsible companies have already done much to improve the social and environmental consequences of their activities, but for more streamlined development of socially responsible innovations it is advisably to increase the awareness and the competence of business representatives, government which encourages companies to integrate CSR initiatives into business practice.
Advisably applied, it can contribute to a significant improvement of efficiency of resources allotment and of administrative function quality of the state.
Advisably, one of the biggest advantages associated with the turnkey ATM solution is the development of a level playing field wherein the small and microfinance banks will also be able to offer e-banking products and services to the consumers on a large scale which otherwise may not be possible.
Primary care providers usually and advisably, and working in conjunction with pediatric endocrinologists, are responsible for serum testing of TSH and free T4 concentrations to determine adequacy of thyroid replacement and adherence to pharmacotherapy.