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Loss of strength or vigor, usually because of disease.

ad′y·nam′ic (-năm′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.adynamic - characterized by an absence of force or forcefulnessadynamic - characterized by an absence of force or forcefulness
2.adynamic - lacking strength or vigoradynamic - lacking strength or vigor    
weak - wanting in physical strength; "a weak pillar"
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In the same award category was Sport Aberdeen's innovative, adynamic and successful Aquatics Workforce Development Pathway, which has developed into a training academy enabling the development and asustainability of aquatics in athe city.
The most common postoperative complication was SSI, with 30 cases (2.87%), followed by adynamic ileus, with 25 cases (2.39%).
These reductions were met with stable to improved pain scores, a 60% decrease in nausea, and a 50% reduction in adynamic ileus.
Nonetheless, due to the danger of causing adynamic ileus, chloral hydrate should be replaced by more effective and safer agents (Baxter et al., 2009).
Their concerts always range from solo works to chamber music works enabling adynamic experience.
The differential diagnosis includes bowel ischemia, bowel perforation, necrotizing enterocolitis (given the presence of pneumatosis), intra-abdominal abscess, adynamic ileus, or Ogilvie syndrome.
Several investigators determined that adynamic bone formation takes place in people with DS (10).
Finally, however, the alacrity with which Kelvin finally solves various elasticity troubles of an aether simultaneously capable of transmitting light as well as supporting his ring vortex model is shown not only in his article "On a Gyrostatic Adynamic Constitution for Ether" but throughout his volume three of "Mathematical and Physical Papers" It is this re-injection of a workable solution from MacCullagh which will continue to prove the value of a hydrodynamical view of electromagnetism into the modern age.
[1] It is defined as failure in forward propulsion of the contents in the intestine either due to dynamic or adynamic cause.