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 (ē′sē-əm, ē′shē-)
n. pl. ae·ci·a (-sē-ə, -shē-ə)
A cuplike structure of some rust fungi that contains chains of aeciospores.

[New Latin, from Greek aikiā, injury, from aikēs, unseemly, injurious : a-, not; see a-1 + eikenai, to seem, be seemly.]

ae′ci·al (ē′sē-əl, -shē-) adj.


(ˈiːsɪəl) or


relating to or resembling an aecium
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Adj.1.aecial - of or belonging to an aeciumaecial - of or belonging to an aecium  
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" The Ideal Home Show holds aecial place in Carol's heart as e used to go as a child every ar with her mum Isobel and dGeorge.
El linaje Melampsoraceae sensu lato esta conformado por especies de royas que cuando son heteroicas desarrollan su estado aecial sobre plantas gimnospermas (Wingfield et al.
Woodgate Rust--A rust of the Scotch pine caused by the aecial stage of a form of Cronartium quercuum, which produces large, round galls on the woody twigs and young branches of the plant.