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An elected official of ancient Rome who was responsible for public works and games and who supervised markets, the grain supply, and the water supply.

[Latin aedīlis, from aedēs, house.]
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(ˈiːdaɪl) or


(Historical Terms) a magistrate of ancient Rome in charge of public works, games, buildings, and roads
[C16: from Latin aedīlis concerned with buildings, from aedēs a building]
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or e•dile

(ˈi daɪl)

a magistrate in ancient Rome in charge of public buildings, streets, services, markets, games, and the distribution of grain.
[1570–80; < Latin aedīlis=aed(ēs) temple, shrine + -īlis -ile2]
ae′dile•ship`, n.
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Finally, he would at times put off his royal garb, and wrapping himself in a toga, as he had seen candidates for office do at Rome, would accost the citizens, saluting and embracing them one by one, and ask them to give him their vote, now for the office of aedile, and again for that of tribune.
Gneus Flavius, a scribe's son, very humble in origin but otherwise sagacious and eloquent, was made curule aedile. That so upset the horrified nobility because of its novelty that, for the occasion, many of them removed their gold rings and other ornaments as though in mourning.
It is also the case that there was no local precedent for a marketplace inspector resembling the Roman aedile in the Iberian peninsula in the late Visigothic period.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Model United Nations, Grades 9-12, president Grades 10 and 12; Political Action Group, Grades 9-12, president, Grades 11 and 12; varsity outdoor track and field, Grades 9-12, captain, Grade 12; varsity indoor track and field, Grades 9-12; Latin Club, Grades 11 and 12, Aedile, Grade 12; mock trial team, Grades 10 and 11, treasurer, Grade 11; Peer Tutor Center, Grades 11 and 12; mentor volunteer program, Grades 11 and 12; cross-country, Grade 11; math team, Grades 10 and 11; National Honor Society, Grade 12.
Erastus is to be identified with the Erastus whose name appears on a first-century inscription (which can still be seen in part), where he is identified as an aedile who paid for the paving of a city square in Corinth.
To boot, seizing the opportunity, (87) Junius Otho, a praetor, and Brutidius Niger, an aedile, submitted an additional charge of maiestas.
Vespasian failed to secure the aedileship at his first attempt, which is most plausibly dated in AD 36, but succeeded the following year and was aedile in AD 38.
presents Lucius' former schoolmate as an unequivocally positive figure, since instead of getting involved with magic, he succeeded in making a career as an aedile in Hypata (!).
And what good his adoption by Augustus (12) or the games produced by Marcellus in the theater when he was an aedile, and "all the things his mother's care contrived" (et per maternas omnia gesta manus, 14)?
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Other Words: anele--anoint, W3; asyla--asylums, W2; dedal (daedal)--skillful, W3; deied--o died, P; desyl--organic radical, W3; drook (drouk)--d soak, W3; drows--d mists, W3; edile (aedile)--Roman all-purpose municipal official, W3; emony--d anemone, W3; enols--organic compounds, W3; esnes--Anglo-Saxon laborers, W3; evet (eft)--d newt, W2; idedi--Akkadian angels, P; laets--Kentish freedmen, W3; Iapon--scorpion fish, W2; larum (alarum)--alarm, W3; leets--civil courts, W3; lysed--dissolved, W3; nerol--alcohol used in perfumes, W3; neven--to name, o, W2; nikin--a natural or very soft creature, P; nopal--prickly pear cactus, W3; orter--d rejector W2;