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or a·e·ne·us  (ā-ē′nē-əs)
Brassy or golden green in color.

[From Latin aēneus, of bronze, from aes, bronze; see ayes- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Animals) a tropical fish, Corydoras aeneus, that is commonly found in aquariums
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Se capturaron un total de 69 murcielagos en las tres localidades de estudio, pertenecientes a ocho especies distintas: 41 (59.4 %, 41/69) Artibeus jamaicensis; seis (8.7 %, 6/69) Pteronotus parnellii; seis (8.7 %, 6/69) Noctilio leporinus; seis (8.7 %, 6/69) Chiroderma villosum; cuatro (5.8 %, 4/69) Glossophaga soricina; dos (2.9 %, 2/69) Carollia sowelli, dos (2.89 %, 2/69) Artibeus lituratus y dos (2.9 %, 2/69) Rhogeessa aeneus. Hampolol, Campeche, registro la mayor riqueza y la mayor abundancia de individuos recolectados.
were like shadows from the underworld, a world visited by Aeneus, Virgil's character...
The green salamander (Aneides aeneus) is a rare species associated with rock outcrop habitats of the Appalachian Plateau and Blue Ridge Province (Petranka, 1998).
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Among those cultures, Aspergillus aeneus isolate NJP12 showed highest potential for extracellular synthesis of ZnO under ambient conditions.
Bryconamericus stramineus, Corydoras aeneus, Hyphessobrycon eques, Knodus moenkhausii, Rhamdia quelen and Trachelyopterus galeatus were exclusive to Site 3.
There are a small number of infelicities such as "Lex Iuliae" (62; read leges luliae), Virgil's "Aeneus" (87, for Aeneas), and "Sosogenes" (197, for Sosigenes).
Oxybelis aeneus fue la especie encontrada con mayor frecuencia (29,3%) (Figura 2d).