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A genus of extinct large flightless birds native to Madagascar.

[New Latin Aepyornīs, genus name : Greek aipus, high + Greek ornīs, bird; see or- in Indo-European roots.]


(Animals) any of the large extinct flightless birds of the genus Aepyornis, remains of which have been found in Madagascar
[C19: New Latin, from Greek aipus high + ornis bird]


(ˌi piˈɔr nɪs)
an extinct, heavy-legged, ratite bird of the genus Aepyornis, of the Pleistocene Epoch, of Madagascar.
[< New Latin (1850) < Greek aipý(s) steep, lofty, + órnīs bird]
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Noun1.aepyornis - huge (to 9 ft.) extinct flightless bird of Madagascaraepyornis - huge (to 9 ft.) extinct flightless bird of Madagascar
flightless bird, ratite, ratite bird - flightless birds having flat breastbones lacking a keel for attachment of flight muscles: ostriches; cassowaries; emus; moas; rheas; kiwis; elephant birds
genus Aepyornis - type genus of the Aepyornidae: elephant birds
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Aepyornis maximus, known commonly as elephant birds, was found exclusively on the island of Madagascar up until 1,000 when the species became extent.
Finds of Aepyornis eggshell at more than 50 sites demonstrate the potential to stimulate the debate by considering human interaction with this giant bird.
His solace is the Aepyornis bird, but we are continually reminded that the bird is 'an extinct animal' who should not be there (p.