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 (ē-kwôr′ĭn, ē-kwŏr′-)
A protein secreted by certain bioluminescent jellyfish, used as a reagent in molecular biology to detect calcium concentrations inside cells.

[New Latin Aequorea, jellyfish genus (from Latin aequoreus, of the sea, from aequor, smooth surface, from aequus, smooth) + -in.]


a protein obtained from marine organisms that emits blue light in the presence of calcium ions and is used to detect these ions in living tissue
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Among the topics are understanding the pathway to successful drug discovery, homology modeling, using aequorin for receptor hit identification and compound profiling, yeast assays, applying fluorescence resonance energy transfer techniques to establish ligand-receptor orientation, and the immuno-precipitation and phosphorylation of the receptors.
SUNNYVALE, CA, April 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Molecular Devices, a division of MDS Analytical Technologies and a leader in innovative solutions for drug discovery and life sciences, today announced a new aequorin option for its FLIPR Tetra(R) fluorometric imaging plate reader.
The photoprotein aequorin was used as a bioluminescent reporter for the detection of only 1 mutation of the HBB gene using the oligonucleotide ligation reaction (28).
Euroscreen Products will transfer to PerkinElmer its GPCR screening tools and exclusive worldwide license to aequorin technology, granted by the University of Georgia Research Foundation.
Under the terms of the planned transaction, Euroscreen Products would transfer its portfolio of GPCR screening tools and its exclusive global license to aequorin technology, granted by the University of Georgia Research Foundation Inc.
Transgenic plant aequorin reports the effects of touch and cold-shock and elicitors on cytoplasmic calcium.
Some of the words Pete has played include AEQUORIN (a protein that some jellyfish emit so that it looks as if they are glowing), BEATNIK, VERITAS and HEADRIGS (specialised tools used to turn logs into planks).
and his colleagues have finally teased out the crystal structure of this photoprotein, known as aequorin.
New developments for the FLIPR Tetra will include modifications for use with the aequorin luminescence assay, an assay's whose popularity for high-throughput screens is growing.