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tr.v. aer·at·ed, aer·at·ing, aer·ates
1. To supply with air or expose to the circulation of air: aerate soil.
2. To expose to oxygen, as in the oxygenation of the blood by respiration.
3. To supply or charge (liquid) with a gas, especially to charge with carbon dioxide.

aer·a′tion n.


Mechanical loosening of the soil surface to allow air to penetrate deeply. Spiking of lawns to achieve the same result.
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Noun1.aeration - the process of exposing to air (so as to purify)aeration - the process of exposing to air (so as to purify); "the aeration of the soil"
natural action, natural process, action, activity - a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings); "the action of natural forces"; "volcanic activity"
2.aeration - the act of charging a liquid with a gas making it effervescentaeration - the act of charging a liquid with a gas making it effervescent
change of state - the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
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The project will require procurement of the following goods, works and services: Rehabilitation of one aeration tank Rehabilitation of two secondary sedimentation tanks
This technology only provides aeration within the spray circle about 18" deep.
The deal signed with Sulzer, a global leader in pumping equipment with 21 manufacturing facilities worldwide, will see aeration equipment incorporating the British technology sold across 150 countries.
MeshPro Insoles are a uniquely machined made-in-Japan top quality product that offers the most efficient aeration possible.
obliqua male flies of 2 wild populations, each consisting of 20 sexually mature wild virgin males aged between 15 and 20 days, were submitted separately to aeration for a period of 3 h between 06.
On the molding technology side of green sand mold control, a new aeration filling method has been introduced as a better way to achieve complete sand filling and uniformly dense sand molds.
The Compact-Mix is used for coating, tufting, gluing and even duplex coating and the continuous mechanical aeration ensures a constant aerated product flow in consistent density and quality.
The Triangle Aeration Duct is a high-strength product for aerating grain in a hopper bin or other storage structure.
18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The wastewater aeration systems market is in various stages of development across the world.
Achieved by integrating the aeration mixing head in the RotoTemp scraped surface heat exchanger and fitting these together with five water systems into one machine.
In Kansas and other south-central states, aeration is also used to manage insects in stored wheat.
Secondary treatment system consists of a two stage aerobic biological process is employed in the aeration tank for the degradation of the organic pollutant load based on the activated sludge process.