aerial torpedo

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Noun1.aerial torpedo - a torpedo designed to be launched from an airplaneaerial torpedo - a torpedo designed to be launched from an airplane
torpedo - armament consisting of a long cylindrical self-propelled underwater projectile that detonates on contact with a target
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Steve, author of The Luftwaffe Over Brum, told the Sunday Mercury: "The most logical explanation would be that it belonged to a parachute mine, sometimes called an aerial torpedo, which the Luftwaffe were using to devastating effect during the Blitz.
The latter mainly concentrate on the destruction of Bismarck on 27 May after a lucky aerial torpedo hit disabled the ship's steering mechanism.
Torpedo bombers normally carried one aerial torpedo each.
The book also discusses the Kettering "Bug" Aerial Torpedo, a less-than-successful pilotless weapon that shared features with the V-1 and, later, the Matador.
During this attack, another Merchant in the same column and the "City of Calcutta" collided heavily when manoeuvring to avoid an aerial Torpedo.
She was calling him to get up when the bomb dropped, it was an aerial torpedo," said Mr Gould.
He also became fascinated by submarine detection and invented an aerial torpedo to defend cities from airborne attack.