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Aerodynamic in styling. Used especially of automotive vehicles.


(Aeronautics) (modifier) of or relating to aircraft or aeronautics: an aero engine.


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) an organization in the air-transport industry


a combining form meaning “air”: aerodynamics.
Also, esp. before a vowel,aer-.
[< Greek, =āer-, s. of āḗr air + -o- -o-]


1. aeronautic; aeronautical.
2. aeronautics.
3. aerospace.
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Above the clustering gasometers three unfamiliar shapes appeared, thin, wallowing bladders that flapped and rolled about, and grew bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder--balloons in course of inflation for the South of England Aero Club's Saturday-afternoon ascent.
The Aero Club announced the project of a great Flying Exhibition in a large
A total of 717 Aero Apprentices including personnel from friendly countries and Pakistan Navy successfully completed their technical training.
The former Vac Aero subsidiary has a range of customer approvals and will continue to serve key customers in Europe including UTC, Pratt and Whitney and Siemens.
Aero Kinetics provides solutions such as high-end UAVs, associated communications and software capability, to a corporate customer base.
An agreement has been signed by Aero Kinetics with Strat Aero US Holdings, Inc.
Aero Biscuit, which combines the iconic brand's air-bubble filled chocolate with round pieces of biscuit, is aimed particularly at women aged from 25 to 44.
8 October 2010 - Swedish vehicle group AB Volvo (STO: VOLV B) said on Thursday that private investment firm HIG Capital completed the purchase of US Volvo Aero Services, part of the Volvo Aero unit, after getting customary approvals.
20 July 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL confirmed yesterday the ratings of A- with a "stable" outlook and of P2+ on the bank facilities of local footwear maker Aero Club.
Volvo Aero said it will join Pratt & Whitney "to demonstrate new technology" for Pratt's Geared Turbofan Technology demonstrator program.
The common aero vehicle would be an unpowered, maneuverable, hypersonic glider capable of carrying approximately 1,000 pounds of munitions, with a range of approximately 3,000 miles.