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A looped bar or a set of two bars extending forward off the handlebar of a bicycle and used to rest the forearms in maintaining an aerodynamic position on longer rides.
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Discharge times directly under the AeroBar average 28 seconds (from [+ or -] 1,000 volts to 100 volts, measured in a 4-foot laminar flow hood in accordance with Ionization Standard ANSI ESO/ESD $3.
To protect SMIC's Fab 1 from ESD, Ion installed Model 5511 ceiling emitters with iCON technology and Model 5285 AeroBar ionizers.
The Model 5585 iCON AeroBar features a unique aerodynamic design and precise remote control to provide complete and efficient ionization in smaller enclosed environments without disrupting laminar air flow.
to test the 5585 iCON AeroBar during CO2 cleaning processes.
Ion Systems, a leading supplier of electrostatics management solutions, today unveiled the Model 5292e-6 Gas Jet AeroBar(R), a gas handling system with six recessed single costs and raise productivity in flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing by neutralizing static charge on surfaces, the ionizer is based on technology developed for the Model 5290, the original Gas Jet AeroBar.
2, 1998--Ion Systems, a leading supplier of ionization solutions for the control of static charge, today introduced the latest addition to its Gas Jet product family, the Ultraclean Gas Jet AeroBar.
Most start on a road bike for a few seasons with clip on Aerobars, they are more comfortable and easier to ride (I did my first three years including two Ironmans on a road bike).
Instead, I am considering alternatives such as installing a pair of aerobars on my bike that would bring my elbows closer to my body decreasing the wind drag while increasing my speed.
2,10,11) Also, the biomechanical position adapted while cycling, forward lean posture with arms on the aerobars of the bike, further increases the compression in the perineal region due to pressure from the nose of the saddle.
Competitors in time trials use aerobars on their bikes instead of normal handlebars.
For triathlons, you will want a bike that will yield the best aerodynamics and the lowest weight, although you can retro-fit any existing road bike with handlebar extensions, known as aerobars, to improve the aerodynamics of your current bike.
Merging cycling and technology is nothing new for an MIT team known for constructing personalized aerobars and fabricating lightweight collapsible barriers to use at cyclocross practice and applying wind-tunnel research to excel at team time trials.