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n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Spectacular stunts, such as rolls and loops, performed in an airplane or glider or by groups of airplanes flying together.

aer′o·bat′ n.
aer′o·bat′ic adj.
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a person who performs spectacular or dangerous manoeuvres while in an aircraft
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Power was not increased when the structural changes were made so the complaint is that Aerobat pilots spend half of their lives climbing for altitude.
In my opinion, the ideal airplanes for LOC recovery training are the Cessna 150/152 Aerobat, aerobatic Beech Musketeer and aerobatic E33C/F33C Beech Bonanza.
Our group included students, airline pilots, a helicopter jock and an aerobat. Aircraft included a homebuilt, a Pitts and a twin.
He'll fearlessly immworld of drag aerobat he'll He'll fearlessly immerse himself into the world of drag car racing and aerobatic stunt flying, and he'll also attempt to break Sir Malcolm Campbell's 'Flying Mile' record, set way back in 1927.
This is where my passion lies." Nadas had also added that he was a self-taught aerobat. "The single biggest challenge was that some of the stunts that I now perform were not taught to me by any instructor - they are all self-taught.
Stuart Kingsbury of Talywain, near Pontypool, was a passenger in the Cessna Aerobat 152, which hit the 2,000ft mountainside at the Ogwen Valley mouth near Bethesda on Monday.
Stuart Kingsbury, of Talywain, near Pontypool, was a passenger in the Cessna Aerobat 152 which hit the mountainside at the Ogwen Valley mouth near Bethesda, Gwynedd, on Monday.
If you are buying a Pitts Special, plan on writing a pretty big insurance check; if your acquisition is a Citabria, Decathlon or Cessna Aerobat, the fact that the airplane is aerobatic isn't going to bump the premium noticeably.
For several years before his passing, I taught spins with Bill in his 1979 Gessna 152 Aerobat, N7557L.
A married father of three, the fully-licenced and certified aerobat had earlier finished an air stunts display for the Ardfert Festival on July 29.
The Cessna Aerobat 152 had just taken off from Caernarfon airport when tragedy struck in low cloud.