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to tone the body by aerobic exercise


v. aer·o·bi·cized, aer·o·bi·ciz·ing, aer·o·bi·ciz·es
To make physically fit by aerobics.
To engage in aerobics.


(ɛəˈrəʊbɪˌsaɪz) or


vb (intr)
(of a person) to perform aerobics
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The hair is blown high and mighty like angel wings, and the buns are aerobicized into steel.
Born in Chicago, her mother Irish and her father African-American, Beals was 19 years old when she ripped the neck out of a sweatshirt and aerobicized herself into film history with 1983's Flashdance.
A busily aerobicized Tiger Lily (Sinta Soekadar) seems to be auditioning for a road company version of "Charlie's Angels," while Tinkerbell resembles less a flickering green light than some visual Morse code run riot.
The umbilical chord severed, I try to hold on to the impulse of a moment before to reach out to my sister and take her up on any number of offers: a spare room, an aerobicized, wool-clad shoulder to cry on, at least a vegetarian meal.
Ad texts said that retirees have "fun," "fuller, more active lives," and "lust for life." They "play" during "a second childhood," being "whatever your cholesterol-free, fully aerobicized, ever-loving heart desires." In addition to the models' poses, some ad texts described examples of lifestyles: