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, aerogenous
a. aerógeno-a, que produce gas.
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Bacillus procynous, Klebsiella aerogenous, Escherichia coli, Sallmonella than Enterobacter aerogenes with MIC level 8 Ig/IL.
Therefore, the problem of air contamination is of particular importance in the contemporary world, and the bacterial and viral particles which occur in the atmospheric air can penetrate into a building from the outside [28] and cause aerogenous (airborne) infections [30].
Increased lambing or shearing during the warmer, drier seasons could increase the risk of aerogenous spread of C.
Shiono et al (4) reported the presence of "aerogenous spreads with floating cancer cell clusters (ASFC) at least 0.5 mm from the main metastatic lesion" in 49 of 96 resected pulmonary metastases from colorectal primaries (51%) and demonstrated that the presence of a positive surgical margin and/or 10 or more aerogenous spreads with floating cancer cell clusters were each predictive for pulmonary recurrences.
(3,4,7) The fecal-oral route is the most common mode of transmission, although an aerogenous route is possible.
This may be challenging given the propensity for lung cancer cells to spread through vascular spaces or "presumed aerogenous spread." Possibly, at least a part of the STAKS effect can be avoided by quickly cleaning the knife blade after each slice with a wet sponge or tissue paper.
Soon the term was stated to mean, "like a butterfly resting on a branch," (17) "resembling butterflies sitting on a fence," (18) "butterflies alighting on shrubbery," (11) "vague resemblance in cross-section to a butterfly," (19) and a reference "to the scales of the butterfly wing." (20) While these colorful and useful metaphors evoked both the microscopic morphologic appearance and the possible aerogenous mode of dissemination, they were unrelated to the source of the term.