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also aer·o·gramme  (âr′ə-grăm′)
An airmail letter in the form of a lightweight sheet of stationery that folds into its own envelope for mailing at a low postage rate. Also called air letter.

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(ˈɛərəˌɡræm) or


1. Also called: air letter an airmail letter written on a single sheet of lightweight paper that folds and is sealed to form an envelope
2. (Telecommunications) another name for radiotelegram
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(ˈɛər əˌgræm)

1. a radiogram.
2. Older Use. a message carried by aircraft; an airmail letter.
3. Also, aer′o•gramme`. air letter (def. 3).
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Noun1.aerogram - a letter sent by air mailaerogram - a letter sent by air mail    
letter, missive - a written message addressed to a person or organization; "mailed an indignant letter to the editor"
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aerogramme [ˈɛərəʊgræm] N
1. (= air-letter) → aerograma m
2. (= radio message) → radiograma m
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See API Resistance, Bringing it Home: South Asians Talking To Our Parents About Sureshbhai Patel, Police Brutality, And Black Lives Matter, AEROGRAM (Nov.
Nonna's aerogram letters, per via aerea, with their red and blue borders and her shaking cursive script on the front, arrived battered, creased, sometimes damp, occasionally torn; this was evidence, I believed, of just how far away Nonna's village was from Melbourne and of the long and hazardous journey that stopped her visiting us.
In clear handwritten Hebrew on a blue Israeli aerogram dated May 4, 1980, he wrote, "We do not have any formal relations with the German state.
The philatelic articles from the region, including stamps, aerogram, envelops and similar things are on the display at the exhibition.
As I was growing up, she told me this story as many times as she told me about her hot tears of love streaming onto my face, of writing on a tissue-thin Blue aerogram to her own mother continents away to say, I finally understand the way you love me.
"Eugenides, who himself graduated from Brown in 1983, re-creates the feel of that pre-Internet, pre-cellphone time with vivid detail: the Plasmatics T-shirts, the toe socks, the crinkly pale-blue aerogram letters to and from friends traveling in Europe, the way everyone in the English department seems to be reading but possibly not understanding Derrida.
He said this region delivered a record number of 254.394 million un-registered letters, aerogram, postcards, printed cards, newspapers, small packets during the last fiscal year.