n. (used with a sing. verb)
The science of the earth's magnetic characteristics as measured from the air.

aer′o·mag·net′ic adj.
aer′o·mag·net′i·cal·ly adv.
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of magnetism in the atmosphere
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(ˌɛər oʊ mægˈnɛt ɪk)

of, pertaining to, or based on an aerial survey of the earth's magnetic field.
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reliance on the best geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data for defining granitoids, greenstones and structures and interpretations of data from weathered samples recognizing the high mobility of lithium in the weathered zone.
An aeromagnetic survey was due to start by the end of the month to provide high-resolution magnetic coverage over key target areas.
The topics include Tonian and Silurian magmatism in Nordaustlandet: Svalbard's place in the Caledonian orogen, a aeromagnetic high-resolution survey over the Vendom Fiord region of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high Arctic, geochemical constraints on the provenance of pre-Mississippian sedimentary rocks in the North Slope subterrane of Yukon and Alaska, and evidence for subtropical warmth during the early Eocene in Beaufort-Mackenzie in the Northwest Territories of the Canadian Arctic.
This work is focused to confirm the presence of copper mineralization and other associated minerals as depicted by the aeromagnetic anomaly as well as to establish their structural control.
We are going to test the water and determine the fractures that are not obvious from the aeromagnetic map and this would definitely help us in determine the true cause of this phenomenon.
Aeromagnetic exploration is one of the most important exploration methods used in geophysical exploration, especially in mineral exploitations and underground unexploded ordnance detections [1-3].
Using high-resolution aeromagnetic survey data in combination with other geological-geophysical thematic maps, Batista takes advantage of GIS tools for identifying different tectonic regimes in the Sabinas Basin, northeastern Mexico.
The objective of the present study was (1) to explore the extension of the Plio-Quaternary aquifer to the west and (2) to investigate the groundwater possibilities of the Oxfordian sandstones under the Maghnia plain using an integration of aeromagnetic and vertical electrical sounding (VES) data.
Highlights include marketing of newly available high resolution aeromagnetic surveys over the hot Eagle Ford play in South Texas and in the prolific Permian Basin of West Texas.
They will include aeromagnetic surveys and petroleum basin analyses that will deliver critical geological information to the hydrocarbon investors.