n. (used with a sing. verb)
The science of the earth's magnetic characteristics as measured from the air.

aer′o·mag·net′ic adj.
aer′o·mag·net′i·cal·ly adv.
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Newmont also compiled a significant baseline dataset that includes detailed aeromagnetics, satellite imagery and geological interpretation.
Since that time dozens of different geophysical tools have been developed for measuring resistivity, including magnetotellurics, electromagnetics, laser magnetometers and ultra-high-resolution (UHR) aeromagnetics.
The Media Luna target, located adjacent to regional faults, was identified using aeromagnetics, surface geochemistry and geological mapping.
Project scale aeromagnetics indicate a north-easterly trending structural grain, which is interpreted to be a continuation of the Tangadee Lineament, with linear magnetic highs seemingly wrapping around mafic intrusions.
Satellite image analysis and regional government aeromagnetics substantiate the extension of this trend across the Cristobal claim.
Similarly, other types of remote sensing, such as aeromagnetics, gravity, etc., have limited applicability.
Regionally the strata-volcanic centres at the core of the mineralised system form part of a large caldera structure, identified by aeromagnetics, extending for some 30 km from Parkes to north of the Northparkes mine.