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 (âr′ə-nô′tĭk) also aer·o·nau·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Of or relating to aeronautics.

aer′o·nau′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Aeronautics) another word for aeronautical
2. (Commerce) relating to air companies
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Adj.1.aeronautic - of or pertaining to aeronauticsaeronautic - of or pertaining to aeronautics  


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Finally he described, amongst some merriment, the ingenious but highly dangerous aeronautic invention of Professor Challenger, and wound up a most memorable address by an account of the methods by which the committee did at last find their way back to civilization.
Grubb and Bert heard of it in a music-hall, then it was driven home to their minds by the cinematograph, then Bert's imagination was stimulated by a sixpenny edition of that aeronautic classic, Mr.
Bert knew enough of things and the problem of aeronautics to realise that this gigantic imitation of a bee would, to use his own idiom, "give the newspapers fits.
Butteridge, it became evident, was a man singularly free from any false modesty--indeed, from any modesty of any kind--singularly willing to see interviewers, answer questions upon any topic except aeronautics, volunteer opinions, criticisms, and autobiography, supply portraits and photographs of himself, and generally spread his personality across the terrestrial sky.
Hindustan Aeronautic Limited (HAL) has ordered the security system to be installed on the Indian army's and air force's advanced light helicopter Dhruv.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- A group of Emirati students are spending their vacation learning all they can from Nasa about the intricacies of space training and aeronautic engineering.
Auto Business News-December 6, 2012--Daimler to sell half of remaining holding in European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
AP Camera Systems is the product development effort of aerial and location photography and film production company Aeronautic Pictures.
European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co (EPA:EAD), or EADS, said Thursday it is in exclusive discussions to acquire Canadian aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider Vector Aerospace Corporation (TSE:RNO)
The European Commission authorised, on 8 March, a state guarantee scheme put in place by France to cover the exchange rate risk for aeronautic suppliers (AERO 2008), managed by COFACE.
10, 2011 (TAP) - Tunisian Aeronautic and Space Industries Group (GITAS) recommended ensuring the safety of its production sites and providing appropriate logistics for the good progress of activities likely to combine optimum conditions for the return to normal.
We have full confidence in Tunisians' capacity to ensure proper functioning of their economy and our Aerolia factory in Tunisia is an important element of the aeronautic programmes in which it participates," said Louis Gallouis, Executive Chairman of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), quoted in communique released by the group.