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 (âr′ə-nô′tĭk) also aer·o·nau·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Of or relating to aeronautics.

aer′o·nau′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Aeronautics) of or relating to aeronauts or aeronautics
ˌaeroˈnautically adv


(ˌɛər əˈnɔ tɪ kəl, -ˈnɒt ɪ-)

also aer`o•nau′tic,

of or pertaining to aeronautics or aeronauts.
aer`o•nau′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.aeronautical - of or pertaining to aeronauticsaeronautical - of or pertaining to aeronautics  
طَيَرَانِي، مُخْتَص بِالطَّيَرَان
loftferîa-, flugmála-
havacılıkla ilgili


[ˌɛərəˈnɔːtɪk] ADJaeronáutico


[ˌɛərəˈnɔːtɪkəl] adj [engineer, research] → aéronautique
aeronautical engineering → aéronautique f


[ˌɛərəˈnɔːtɪkl] adjaeronautico/a


(eərəˈnoːtiks) noun singular
the science or practice of flying. Aeronautics is a popular science.
ˌaeroˈnautical adjective
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For some years, in spite of a loud voice, a large presence, an aggressive swagger, and an implacable manner, he had been an undistinguished member of most of the existing aeronautical associations.
He returned to the Crystal Palace grounds, that classic starting-point of aeronautical adventure, about sunset, re-entered his shed without disaster, and had the doors locked immediately upon the photographers and journalists who been waiting his return.
Document technology developer Global Graphics Software has licensed its Jaws PDF Editor software to the European Aeronautical Group, a supplier of route documentation, flight planning and navigation data to the airline industry.
The government, however, was singularly uninterested, either in funding flight experiments or in purchasing technology developed through aeronautical experimentation.
The Cessna will be used as a key resource to support students,mainly Airbus apprentices, studying aeronautical courses.
When most Canadian airports changed ownership from Transport Canada to private authorities in the late 1990s, the new operators had to migrate away from NavCanada software to calculate their aeronautical fees.
Aerospace components giant TRW parent of Lucas Aerospace in the UK yesterday named the man who is to take over the helm at its aeronautical systems arm, which has its headquarters in Birmingham.
Unfortunately, a long-term Navy Department civilian aeronautical engineering leader dedicated to meeting this goal will not be able to appreciate the achievement.
ISLAMABAD -- National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence on Tuesday was briefed by Representative from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board (PAC) about the new commercial products made by PAC, Kamra.
AN 18-year-old studying at Coleg Cambria has won a gold medal in the aeronautical engineering final of a national skills competition.
Karachi -- Pakistan Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society celebrated 150th anniversary of Royal Aeronautical Society at PAF Museum Karachi.

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