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or es·thete  (ĕs′thēt)
1. One who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature.
2. One whose pursuit and admiration of beauty is regarded as excessive or affected.

[Back-formation from aesthetic.]


(ˈiːsθiːt) or


a person who has or who affects a highly developed appreciation of beauty, esp in poetry and the visual arts
[C19: back formation from aesthetics]


or es•thete

(ˈɛs θit)

1. a person who has or professes to have refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature.
2. a person who affects great love of art, music, poetry, etc., and indifference to practical matters.
[1880–85; < Greek aisthētḗs one who perceives, derivative of aisthē-, variant s. of aisthánesthai to perceive]
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Noun1.aesthete - one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and natureaesthete - one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
cognoscente, connoisseur - an expert able to appreciate a field; especially in the fine arts


esthete (US) [ˈiːsθiːt] Nesteta mf


[ˈiːsθiːt] nesthète mf


, (US) esthete
nÄsthet(in) m(f)


esthete (Am) [ˈiːsθiːt] nesteta m/f
References in classic literature ?
The service would have been pronounced by any modern aesthetic religionist--or religious aesthete, which is it?
She was clad in a somewhat strange garb of peacock green and peacock blue satins, that gleamed like blue and green metals, such as delight children and aesthetes, and her heavy, hot brown hair framed one of those magic faces which are dangerous to all men, but especially to boys and to men growing grey.
In short, my pent-up will to blab overflowed and he wound up interviewing me: my sordid bildungsroman as a young aesthete in the suburbs, my class consciousness awakened by other people's nicer homes, my boundary-free Jewish family, and, of course, I didn't skip over my analysis.
In the war, with vital industries mobilized and all others marginalized, there was a pitched campaign to cozy up to engineering, to repackage the gentleman aesthete as a "technical planning professional.
Hence the prevalence in modernity of the rich aesthete, the expert manager, and the therapist as dominant character-types (note also how all three are congenial occupations for bobos).
He presents himself as an unrepentant aesthete, "Bloom Brontosaurus Bardolater" "a gnostic sect of one" "a hopeless Romantic (my critical enemies would say, a sentimentalist).
A Byzantine Journey introduces the reader to an exotic cast of characters, including the impassioned aesthete Theophilius; the great mystical poet Rumi; the bishop and necromancer Theodor Santabarenos; and the Empress Theophano, "a dazzling figure wrapped in the smoke of rumour and slander".
When Isabel goes to Italy, she is quickly maneuvered by Madame Merle (Barbara Hershey) into the orbit of the self-centered aesthete Gilbert Osmond (John Malkovich).
Hurok was not an aesthete in the class of Serge Diaghilev or George Balanchine.
He was also an aesthete with a practical bent, as the dated but nevertheless invaluable Marble in antiquity: collected papers of J.
A romantic aesthete, Willie Nelson makes all that he touches beautiful.