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a person trained to administer facials and give advice on makeup and care of the skin
Not to be confused with:
anesthetist – a person who administers anesthetics: I spoke with the anesthetist before my surgery.


or es·the·ti·cian  (ĕs′thĭ-tĭsh′ən)
1. One versed in the theory of beauty and artistic expression.
2. One skilled in giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments.


(ˌiːsθɪˈtɪʃən; ˌɛs-) or


1. a student of aesthetics
2. (Hairdressing & Grooming) another name for beauty therapist


or es•the•ti•cian

(ˌɛs θɪˈtɪʃ ən)

a person who is versed in aesthetics.

aesthetician, esthetician

1. a specialist in aesthetics.
2. a proponent of aestheticism.
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Noun1.aesthetician - a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc.)aesthetician - a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc.)
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
2.aesthetician - a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beautyaesthetician - a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beauty
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
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From there, the aesthetician can suggest the treatments and cosmetics needed to address the customer's present skin conditions.
AESTHETICIANS (OR ESTHETI- CIANS) SPECIALIZE IN THE STUDY of skin care, including facial treatments, body wraps, salt glows, waxing as a form of hair removal, and cosmetic make-up services.
She is a aesthetician at Chikara Salon and Spa, and he is a lumberyard manager at Jerry's Home Improvement.
"The ability that customers will have to consult with both an aesthetician and a pharmacist will be especially appreciated," said Perveen Gulati, pharmacy manager at the store.
"The ability customers will have to consult with both an aesthetician and a pharmacist at the same time will be especially appreciated," she notes.
Smith says it's important to let your aesthetician know if any part of your face or body is sunburned.
So, as Michele herself often must clarify, she's not an anesthetist--she's an aesthetician.
The issue boils down to the quality of "empathy," in Theodor Lipps's sense: For the aesthetician, the source of "aesthetic enjoyment" is a "critical participation in the fullness of the World-Me continuum." Do these paintings offer sensations more radically immediate and intimate than those of the Intimist Vuillard, or, for that matter, any hitherto experienced aesthetic painting?
The ritual-like summoning of spatial and energy forces is a vivid depiction of the "virtual powers" that the influential aesthetician Susanne K.
This book by the Polish aesthetician Bohdan Dziemidok (a collection of seven articles published between 1971-1985, some in Polish, others in English, and two additional ones, written especially for this book) is a good example of this broad, scientifically orientated, pluralistic approach to aesthetics.