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also es·thet·i·cize (ĕs-thĕt′ə-sīz′)
tr.v. aes·thet·i·cized, aes·thet·i·ciz·ing, aes·thet·i·ciz·es or es·thet·i·cized or es·thet·i·ciz·ing or es·thet·i·ci·zes
To depict in an idealized or artistic manner.
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(iːsˈθɛtɪˌsaɪz; ɪs-) or


vb (tr)
make aesthetic
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The show consistently aestheticises the objects it displays: pottery and metalwork from hoards are shown in the same manner as high-end production.
It aestheticises the virtues of the Old West--integrity, loyalty, stoicism--through bare-boned interchanges of gloriously understated heroism.
Along with the music, the slow-motion of the sequence aestheticises the violence and brutality of the fight.
To provide the tourist with this traditional package, entrepreneurs invest in the transfer of material culture from the village chiefdoms to the market place, a transfer that aestheticises powerful ritual mechanisms in the name of Fijian 'culture' and 'tradition'.
Just as Macquarie aestheticises convents, that institution which invoked powerful emotions in Madeira, she also reduces to adornments the numerous fortifications defending the harbour, perhaps the most potent symbol of a politically inscribed landscape.
Thus George Bush's rallying speech to the world after the terrorist attacks was made via an invisible teleprompter, revealing his essential lack of conviction or ability, while the avant-garde composer Stockhausen embodies the cultural decadence of the West when he aestheticises the destruction of the WTC as the `greatest ever work of performance art'.
Li Ying aestheticises his footage by every possible means.