also es·thet·i·cize (ĕs-thĕt′ə-sīz′)
tr.v. aes·thet·i·cized, aes·thet·i·ciz·ing, aes·thet·i·ciz·es or es·thet·i·cized or es·thet·i·ciz·ing or es·thet·i·ci·zes
To depict in an idealized or artistic manner.
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(iːsˈθɛtɪˌsaɪz; ɪs-) or


vb (tr)
make aesthetic
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Indeed, while Tied and Mishima touch on significant socioeconomic, racial, cross-cultural, and transgender issues, Tsang's treatments remain primarily cosmetic, in that they aestheticize more than challenge these concerns--and resemble rather than articulate political statements.
"There's a tendency in important films to aestheticize the violence so you can't resist it," he says.
More problematic, as it has been from the beginning of the trilogy, is the way his tweaking of images of pain, suffering, tragedy and physical devastation overweeningly aestheticize the experiences he depicts.
Dumas's handling serves to subjectify the photographically objectified figures, to make the prosaic images quasi-poetic, or at least to aestheticize them.
The oddness and seeming cruelty of Ballen's earlier work, in which the subjects often appeared to perform their abjection for the camera, has been elevated here to a more abstract, poetic plane--one that may be all the crueler for the artist's ability to aestheticize, and therefore mask, real destitution.
The mandala-style arrangement of salvaged flints suggests a commentary on the human desire to bend the natural world to practical ends, contrasted here with a parallel compulsion to aestheticize. From Stone Age to Age of Aquarius, the historical leap is once again enormous, but the purpose of that dizzying shift is no less obscure.
"The idea here is not to aestheticize a human rights crisis but to show the absurd move-logic shoot-'em-up that Duterte has allowed the Philippines to become, right down to the 'Fury Road'-style death's masks worn by the executors.
A morbid fascination with their premature demise reached its apotheosis in the nineteenth century, yet there is still a tendency to sentimentalize and aestheticize their deaths even today.
Avoiding bald didacticism but making careful reference to biography and history, these essays illuminate violent oscillations in the works of these creators and eloquently record how these Armenians witnessed history in motion, refusing to aestheticize the horrible but allowing us to feel the inner tsunamis of trauma.
So it seems appropriate that these particular twins aestheticize myth and folklore, whether from Modernism or the Dark Ages, in conjuring their polymorphous images.
Benjamin celebrated the democratization of mechanically reproduced art in the guise of Charlie Chaplin comedies while, at the same time, expressing his outrage at Nazi Germany's use of mass art to aestheticize politics.