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also es·thet·i·cize (ĕs-thĕt′ə-sīz′)
tr.v. aes·thet·i·cized, aes·thet·i·ciz·ing, aes·thet·i·ciz·es or es·thet·i·cized or es·thet·i·ciz·ing or es·thet·i·ci·zes
To depict in an idealized or artistic manner.


(iːsˈθɛtɪˌsaɪz; ɪs-) or


vb (tr)
make aesthetic
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The decisions included the implementation of many planning works for the cities, roads and places of interest in the country, with the aim of aestheticizing the renaissance of the country's vital and vital roads, as well as on many roads and old buildings in downtown Doha and major major cities in general.
Numerous studies of Owenson, Edgeworth, and Scott have addressed the ways in which the genres of national tale and historical novel these authors helped instigate resort to narratives of colonial encounter between the provinces and England, and thus participated in explaining, translating, and aestheticizing Irish and Scottish national character to their English audiences.
16) From this perspective, aestheticizing the deaths of the princes in a formal setpiece in this way can be seen as an act of violence inasmuch as it depersonalizes and dehumanizes for rhetorical effect.
Such events inspired mobile forms of political expression by aestheticizing political ideas for the opposition groups to the shah in diaspora; they worked almost as a small procession, such as the ones that people form during the commemoration of the event of Karbala, each group tailoring its own version a particular event, creating a desired effect for their local audience.
Combining moments of lyricism with a documentary-like feel for truth, Antonio Mendez Esparza's debut feature is far from hard-hitting, aestheticizing its tale with artful ellipses and juxpositions.
It is possible that he in fact considers Ranciere to have been successful at transforming what was historically reactionary about the project of aestheticizing politics into its opposite.
Carpio: I am thinking about somebody like Toni Morrison who has been faulted for aestheticizing black pain, even in a text like "Beloved," which has brought the question of American slavery to countless syllabi.
He explores the interplay between an aestheticizing, "Plinian" art history that sees art as an autonomous production of the individual artist, and more recent, historically informed approaches that concentrate on the consumer and the ways in which an artist's individual style rests on historically contingent circumstances.
There are essays on: the aestheticizing of scripture; Bakhtin on Tolstoy and the Bible; the novel and Protestantism (which argues for the identification of novel writing with north European and British Protestant cultures); Tom Jones, Methodism and Wuthering Heights; religious discourse in the early novels published in All the Year Round; religion in the novels of D.
Their topics include the aestheticizing of scripture, Tom Jones and Christian comedy, unauthorized versions of the King David story in three post-war Jewish novels, and spirituality in John Updike and Richard Ford.
As it effects his understanding of detail, strategic and tactical problems, the production and allocation of resources, it usually leads to an aestheticizing process of self-deception.
This aestheticizing of biblical passages is especially common in religious music.