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Variant of estival.
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(iːˈstaɪvəl; ˈɛstɪ-) or


of or occurring in summer
[C14: from French, from Late Latin aestīvālis, from Latin aestās summer]
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(ˈɛs tə vəl, ɛˈstaɪ vəl)

pertaining or appropriate to summer.
[1350–1400; < Late Latin aestīvālis < Latin aestīv(us) of summer]
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Adj.1.aestival - (rare) of or occurring in summeraestival - (rare) of or occurring in summer; "the sky was a burnished aestival blue"; "estival winds"
summery - belonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer; "summery weather"; "summery dresses"
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, (US) estival
adj (form)sommerlich
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If something is 'aestival' it belongs to or appears in which season of the year?
The ecozone of Yungas is categorized by a monsoon regimen, in which 80 % of the precipitation is concentrated in the aestival period, followed by dry winter and spring.
Aestival 3.30 Brighton SP forecast 15-8 Typical Sir Mark Prescott improver who posted form figures of 031112 since being sent down the handicap route.
TOMORROW'S TIPS BATH: 6.25 Falkland Flyer, 6.55 True Red, 7.30 Secret Witness, 8.00 Aestival, 8.35 Dhania, 9.05 Youm Jamil.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 6.25 Falkland Flyer, 6.55 True Red, 7.30 Secret Witness, 8.00 Aestival, 8.35 Dhania, 9.05 Youm Jamil.
YARMOUTH: 5.45 Margot Did, 6.15 Artic Rose, 6.45 Whisper Wind, 7.20 All Moving Parts, 7.50 Collect Art, 8.25 Anne Of Kiev, 8.55 Aestival.
SELECTIONS BRIGHTON: 2.00 Lucky Leigh, 2.30 Afkar, 3.05 Douchkette, 3.40 Aestival, 4.15 Stanley Rigby, 4.50 Yourgolftravel Com, 5.25 Super Yellow.
nasicus from the southwestern extreme of its range undergoes a postnuptial spermatogenesis = aestival spermatogenesis (sensu Saint Girons 1982) which is completed before winter with sperm stored over winter in the vas deferens.
e Any AEstival said sAYs lEt hEAd kEElson hEIfer LEICEster lEOpard objET & objETS [d'art] rEYnard friend fOEtid bury gUEss *nth
English abounds in pairs like the following, in which adjective counterparts are difficult to relate in terms of their shape to the base nouns: (1) spring -- vernal fall (American) -- autumnal dog -- canine wolf -- lupine arm -- brachial iron -- ferric father -- paternal day -- diurnal summer -- aestival winter -- hibernal cat -- feline horse -- equine heart -- cardiac ice -- gelid, glacial mother -- maternal church -- ecclesiastical, ecclesial (2)
elegans testicular cycle appears to fit the "aestival spermatogenesis D" as described by Saint Girons (1982) (spermatogenesis from June to October; ovulation in the beginning of June).
Finally, to determine whether the long-term average timing of flowering by a species ("vernal" or "aestival"; Molau 1993) influenced the extent to which the NAO determined its annual dates of flowering and length of flowering, we regressed coefficients of correlation between those variables against the 50-yr mean flowering date of each species, In all regressions, we tested the assumptions of normality, linearity, and homoscedasticity using normal probability plots and plots of residuals against the independent variable (Neter et al.