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Variant of etiology.
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(ˌiːtɪˈɒlədʒɪ) or


n, pl -gies
1. the philosophy or study of causation
2. (Medicine) the study of the causes of diseases
3. (Medicine) the cause of a disease
[C16: from Late Latin aetologia, from Greek aitiologia, from aitia cause]
ˌaetiˈologist, ˌetiˈologist n
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etiology, aetiology

1. the branch of medical science that studies the causes of diseases and the factors underlying their spread.
2. the accumulated knowledge of disease causes. — etiologist, n. — etiologic, etiological, adj.
See also: Disease and Illness
etiology. — aetiological, adj.
See also: Origins
the science of causation. — etiologic, aetiologic, etiological, aetiological, adj.
See also: Philosophy
the science of the causes of natural phenomena. — etiologic, aetiologic, etiological, aetiological, adj.
See also: Nature
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Noun1.aetiology - the cause of a diseaseaetiology - the cause of a disease    
cause - events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something; "they are trying to determine the cause of the crash"
2.aetiology - the philosophical study of causation
philosophy - the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics
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, (US) etiology
n (Med, fig) → Ätiologie f
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The aetiology of referred otalgia is diverse and pain may arise from head neck sites with which the ear shares its sensory innervations.
She is a group member with the research group Injuries Social Aetiology and Consequences (ISAC).
In the preliminary report of Progressive Medicos and Scientists' Forum (PMSF), a few unfamiliar facts and causes have been listed regarding the influx of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES)-affected patients in Muzaffarpur this year even as various experts are trying to pinpoint the aetiology behind this convulsive illness and related deaths.
[10,11] not much work has been done on aetiology of seizures in this age group.
The current study was planned to use EDX evaluation to find out the commonest pattern and frequent aetiology as well as document the neurophysiological findings of nerve injury in patients with wrist drop.
[9] However, it remained unclear whether the results pertaining to the incidence, aetiology and injury characteristics could be applied to survivors of TSCI with private healthcare insurance in the same catchment area.
They cover nymphs between the visual arts and literature, literary representations, garden architecture, music, and aetiology and antiquarianism.
IPT is of unknown aetiology with various potential stimuli being proposed, e.g., trauma, inflammation, smoking, and infection.
A detailed work-up of the aetiology and volemic status of AKI is necessary before initiating treatment with diuretics in ICUs.
The 53 item questionnaire asks participants for their opinions about mental illness over five dimensions ('factors'): (A) authoritarianism, (B) benevolence, (C) mental hygiene ideology, (D) social restrictiveness, and (E) interpersonal aetiology. The questionnaire is presented in a Likert format with provision following each item for a checked response on a six point agreement continuum.
An attempt has been made to study the aetiology, clinical features, histopathology, and management of proptosis and its outcome.