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1. Easy and pleasant to speak to; approachable.
2. Gentle and gracious: an affable smile.

[Middle English affabil, from Old French affable, from Latin affābilis, from affārī, to speak to : ad-, ad- + fārī, to speak; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

af′fa·bil′i·ty n.
af′fa·bly adv.
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Adv.1.affably - in an affable manneraffably - in an affable manner; "`Come and visit me,' he said amiably"
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alúîlega, ljúfmannlega


[ˈæfəblɪ] ADVafablemente
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[ˈæfəbli] adv [say, smile] → affablement, avec affabilité
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[ˈæfəblɪ] advaffabilmente
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(ˈӕfəbl) adjective
pleasant and easy to talk to. an affable young man.
ˈaffably adverb
ˌaffaˈbility noun
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References in classic literature ?
The countess looked at her callers, smiling affably, but not concealing the fact that she would not be distressed if they now rose and took their leave.
ain't it hot, hey?" he said affably to a man who was polishing his stream- ing face with his coat sleeves.
The great Newfoundland received them most affably but instead of saying "good-bye he startled the Head-growler into giving three savage growls, by announcing that he would escort them himself.
While they were thus employed, a tallish gentleman with a hook nose and black hair, dressed in a military surtout very short and tight in the sleeves, and which had once been frogged and braided all over, but was now sadly shorn of its garniture and quite threadbare-- dressed too in ancient grey pantaloons fitting tight to the leg, and a pair of pumps in the winter of their existence--looked in at the door and smiled affably. Mrs Jarley's back being then towards him, the military gentleman shook his forefinger as a sign that her myrmidons were not to apprise her of his presence, and stealing up close behind her, tapped her on the neck, and cried playfully
Pyotr Petrovitch met her "politely and affably," but with a certain shade of bantering familiarity which in his opinion was suitable for a man of his respectability and weight in dealing with a creature so young and so
"Those venerable personages in the coop, too, seem very affably disposed.
Bestowing a word of promise here and a smile there, a whisper on one happy slave and a wave of the hand on another, Monseigneur affably passed through his rooms to the remote region of the Circumference of Truth.
"I do not mind," Monty replied affably. "Just which you prefer."
"Master says she would give him more'n he brought." He smiled affably at the two little stiff black figures, and departed in search of his mistress.
"You never disturb us, cousin," said the smokers, while the readers tore themselves from the heroes of the bar-room and gutter long enough to nod affably to their guest.
The ghosts there are in society, and talk affably to ladies and gentlemen, but would scorn a naked human being--like our princely friend.
"Pretty well, thanks to Aunt March, who lets Esther talk to me as often as I like," replied amy, with a grateful look, which caused the old lady to smile affably.