affaire de coeur

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af·faire de coeur

 (ä-fâr′ də kœr′)
n. pl. af·faires de coeur (ä-fâr′)
A love affair.

[French : affaire, affair + de, of + cœur, heart.]

affaire de coeur

(afɛr də kœr)
n, pl affaires de coeur (afɛr də kœr)
an affair of the heart; love affair
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Oscillation upon the pavement always means an affaire de coeur.
So it's thanks to Christian - yes, I still remember his name - that I not only managed to pass my French 'O' level but also developed a long-lasting affaire de coeur with the country.
I'm not referring to une affaire de coeur in my prologue's title, but to the risks involved for insurers and their policyholders when employees are romantically involved.
Si avec le Miel amer (1985), Affaire de coeur (1990) et L'epave d'Absouya (1994), les deux temps narratifs (PS et PC)se livrent une impressionnante concurrence, (5) c'est le PS qui l'emporte dans Pour nous la galere (1990) (6) et le PC dans Le heraut tetu (1999).
In 1990 one of her poems was published in the World of Poetry and she reviews books for Affaire de Coeur, a magazine for romance writers.