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Inspiring or capable of inspiring strong emotion; moving. See Synonyms at moving.

[From affect.]

af·fect′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.affectingly - in a poignant or touching manneraffectingly - in a poignant or touching manner; "she spoke poignantly"
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But although her voice--sweet, full, and sonorous--vibrated as harmoniously and as affectingly as ever, the door remained shut.
Here were she, Mrs Lammle, and her husband discoursing at once affectingly and effectively, but discoursing alone.
This touched Young Jerry on a tender place; who adjured his mother to perform her first duty, and, whatever else she did or neglected, above all things to lay especial stress on the discharge of that maternal function so affectingly and delicately indicated by his other parent.
And, although I trembled for the agony it might one day be to him to have his strong assurance shivered at a blow, there was something so religious in it, so affectingly expressive of its anchor being in the purest depths of his fine nature, that the respect and honour in which I held him were exalted every day.
The fable with Goethe so affectingly relates under the title of "The Erl- King" was known two thousand years ago in Greece as "The Demos and the Infant Industry." One of the most general and ancient of these myths is that Arabian tale of "Ali Baba and the Forty Rockefellers."
Phi Palmos is now the young Mabini-and affectingly so.
With its folkloric power and affectingly etched characters, the drama, which took its North American bow at Palm Springs and continues its travels to regional festivals including Cambria and Cleveland, could connect with a wider audience in the hands of the right distributor.
Affectingly, the most reliable evidence turns out not to be the public record but the casual graffiti of life: messages carved on a tree or beneath a cinema seat.
The Song Cycle Op.59 (1909) was written for a memorial concert to Elgar's friend A.E.Jaeger - the man commemorated as Nimrod in the Enigma Variations - and are obviously deeply felt and in the composer's most eloquent melancholy mode, affectingly sung by the baritone Henk Neven.
Her "L'amero" was affectingly sung, brimming with noble sentiment and fluid phrasing.
Shattuck affectingly evokes a child's experience of war through Martin's astonishment at the happy preparations for Christmas.
The "sort of immersive book that demands your attention and, in exchange, delivers a superior and affecting read" (Crime by the Book), Grist Mill Road honestly and affectingly displays each character's emotions, from love to anger and jealousy, as each shares his or her experience of the central event.