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1. A tender feeling toward another; fondness.
2. often affections Feeling or emotion: an unbalanced state of affections.
3. A disposition to feel, do, or say; a propensity.
4. Obsolete Prejudice; partiality.

[Middle English affeccioun, from Old French affection, from Latin affectiō, affectiōn-, from affectus, past participle of afficere, to affect, influence; see affect1.]

af·fec′tion·al adj.
af·fec′tion·al·ly adv.
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another word for affectionately
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The American, affectionally known as 'Sweet Pea' during his fighting career, was hit at an intersection in Virginia Beach on Sunday night.
Also affectionally called a Gooney bird, and the Dakota by the British, the C--47 proved to be a durable and amazing versatile aircraft, seeing service in World War II, the Berlin Airlift, Korea, Vietnam, and the Antarctic.
Since the early aughts, a new generation of "crips" and "crazies" or those "mad"--as activist Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha affectionally calls her cohort--have begun advocating for something more than equality.
"She's seeing a top London consultant who specializes in multiple births and has been spotted affectionally putting her hand on her stomach and saying she can't wait to meet 'them.'"
Dot, as Badenhorst is affectionally known in netball, had coached Gauteng Golden Fireballs.
Back in Wales, less than 100 years later, Cardiff's other historic department store Howells (still affectionally known by this name despite being taken over by House of Fraser) was built in 1879.
In 1963, George Halas, now affectionally known as "Papa Bear," was an inductee in the first class elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.
Our team affectionally known as The Gladiators will grind non-stop to help catapult him to success.
Well the man affectionally welcomed to Anfield with mosaics of 'The King' and 'Kenny' in the new stand bearing his name and on the Kop - and cries of 'you Scouse b***' from the away fans - may need to get the mobile out tonight.
The little 'robodog' is affectionally dubbed 'Hana-chan', a play on the Japanese word 'hana' for nose, which also happens to be a common girl's name.
She will be very sadly missed and affectionally remembered by all her family and many friends.
Now Pitts, who is affectionally known as "Pastor Paul" by his former teammates, has aspirations of becoming an evangelical pastor and was known to organize impromptu Bible study and prayer meetings in the locker room before and after practice and games.