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Having or showing no emotion; unfeeling: "Her voice, ... low and affectless, yielded as little as possible" (Rebecca Goldstein).

af′fect′less·ness n.


a. showing no emotion or concern for others
b. not giving rise to any emotion or feeling: an affectless novel.
[C20: from affect1 (sense 4) + -less]


(ˈæf ɛkt lɪs)

indifferent to the suffering of others; unfeeling.
af′fect•less•ly, adv.
af′fect•less•ness, n.
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Fourth, since the sixties, "the culture of non-conformism, self-expression, transgression, and irreverence for its own sake" has been associated with a sort of affectless left-wing bohemianism, but in fact it's a morally and politically neutral ethos.
Throughout, the narrator relates his impressions, observations, and commentary in an oddly detached, affectless tone that only acquires a degree of emotional investment when he describes the feelings of terror provoked by his nightmares.
If the Propeller Group's latest projects are effective because they frankly admit to the pleasures of the moving image, the affectless irony of some earlier works appears less gripping in comparison.
But, whereas Koreeda favours a warmer naturalism, carefully wringing pathos from the smallest of moments and interactions, Kurosawa generally pursues an affectless performance style from his actors--he never really hits the same emotional peaks.
Fernandez provides an excellent introduction to the British and European cultural milieu from which Blincoe and Thorne's collection emerged, pointing to its antecedents in the concept of blank fiction--the flat, affectless, uncommitted prose of writers like Bret Easton Ellis and Dennis Cooper--in post punk aesthetics, in the inspiration found in Michael Clark's ballet entitled Hail the New Puritan (which also suggested the collection's title) and in the Dogme 95 movement, particularly Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinerberg's cinematic manifesto entitled the Vow of Chastity.
Helms is out-of-place, annoying as the affectless, underemployed dad, and the movie seems unnecessarily cruel to his ex-wife (Alex Borstein).
Their delivery of the quasi-poetical dialogue is affectless, despite their apparent earnestness and the sing-songy characteristic of Urkish, their native tongue.
But I do perceive that a certain risk-free, affectless American poem seems most often to be by a white poet.
The Justine we meet now is emotionally affectless, almost catatonic, and Claire gently tends to her sibling, coaxing her to wash and to eat dinner at the table.
His determined, affectless approach yields ever-greater results.
Indeed, in engaging Scalapino's work, the reader must negotiate and figure out a way of responding to the text's entirely flat, affectless tone in which "nothing" happens.
Hisfluent and forthright language matches the style and rhythm of his own originalArabic and theunadorned, sometimes affectless tonereflects thehollowness of life as the onslaught of war brings an onslaught of bodies forthe corpse washers of Baghdad.