afferent fiber

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Noun1.afferent fiber - a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the central nervous system
nerve fiber, nerve fibre - a threadlike extension of a nerve cell
afferent, afferent nerve, sensory nerve - a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system
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The afferents of 48 of the 52 club-like endings were associated with axon terminals; the remaining 4 neurons demonstrated the convergence of two axon terminals arranged side-by-side into one afferent fiber. Nine of the 52 axon terminals ended in a ball-like swollen appendage (Fig.
IHC: inner hair cell; OHCs: outer hair cells; AF: afferent fiber; EF: efferent fiber; LOC: lateral olivary complex; MOC: medial olivary complex.
Although presynaptic fiber type can be identified during electrophysiological recording based upon conduction velocity and stimulus intensity, selective stimulation of a single class of primary afferent fiber remains challenging, because the range of stimulus intensities that activate C fibers overlaps the range of intensities that activates A fibers.
The appearance of some axons exiting the main fiber tracts and exhibiting expanded growth cones suggests that afferent fiber extension was still underway [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1I OMITTED].
This finding suggests that neurotoxin-sensitive afferent fibers carry the peripheral stimulus involved in GE delay.
Cardiovascular reflex control by afferent fibers from skeletal muscle receptors, In: Shepherd JT et al.
Indeed, electrophysiologic recordings performed in subsequent years showed that inputs carried by the afferent fibers of the trigeminal nerve ophthalmic branch in the paralytic side cause increased excitability of the blink reflex in the non-paralytic side and proved quantitatively that the same increase cannot be provided by the inputs carried by the afferent fibers in the non-paralytic side (5).
Basically, these are annulospiral stretch receptors with Ia afferent fibers, synapse in the SC and an efferent axon of lower a motor neuron that causes muscle contraction.
The number of runs was approximately the number of afferent fibers contemporary stimulated by a single electrode of the cochlear prosthesis; this number was calculated by considering the size of the electrode (0.3 mm), the diameter of a IHC ([approximately equal to]10 gm), and the number of auditory fibers ([approximately equal to]10) contacting a single IHC.
Indeed, peripheral somatosensory stimulation evoked near the motor threshold activates proprioceptive, sensory and cutaneous afferent fibers [13].