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adj. Mathematics
1. Of or relating to a transformation of coordinates that is equivalent to a linear transformation followed by a translation.
2. Of or relating to the geometry of affine transformations.

[French affin, closely related, from Old French; see affined.]
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(Mathematics) maths of, characterizing, or involving transformations which preserve collinearity, esp in classical geometry, those of translation, rotation and reflection in an axis
[C16: via French from Latin affīnis bordering on, related]
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(æˈfaɪn, əˈfaɪn, ˈæf aɪn)

1. a relative by marriage.
adj. Math.
2. assigning finite values to finite quantities.
3. of or pertaining to a transformation that maps parallel lines to parallel lines and finite points to finite points.
[1500–10; < Middle French affin related < Latin affīnis bordering on, related by marriage]
af•fine′ly, adv.
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Noun1.affine - (anthropology) kin by marriage
anthropology - the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings
kin, kinsperson, family - a person having kinship with another or others; "he's kin"; "he's family"
Adj.1.affine - (mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
2.affine - (anthropology) related by marriage
anthropology - the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings
related - connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage
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[ˈæfaɪn] adj (Math) → affine
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He covers linear codes over finite fields, cyclic codes over finite fields, designs and codes, designs of binary Reed-Muller codes, affine invariant codes and their designs, weights in some BCH codes over GF(q), designs from four types of linear codes, designs from primitive BCH codes, designs from codes with regularity, designs from QR and self-dual codes, designs from arc and MDS codes, designs from ovoid codes, and quasi-symmetric designs from bent codes.
To answer the question, we consider that the platform decides on an affine fee schedule, T ([p.sub.c]) = [t.sub.0] + [t.sub.1][p.sub.c], which covers all the possibilities listed above.
Then we can enhance the underlying integral affine structure of [??](X; L) as K-affine structure (in the sense of [KS06, [section]7.1]) naturally via the data of k.
Rotation is a case of an affine transformation, and it is widely used in image processing (for example image registration).
In a recent laboratory study, the dinoflagellate species Alexandrium catenella and Alexandrium affine were found to have severe impacts on fertilized eggs, embryos, and larvae of Japanese pearl oyster (Basti et al.
These groups were classified into two categories in 1935 also by Coxeter: spherical and affine. In the list of spherical Coxeter groups, [A.sub.n] is the first.
(4) We also proposed object-based fusion method based on affine transformation.
Ayant deja forme deux sous-groupes, respectivement en charge de la presse ecrite et la photographie, et de l'audio-visuel et du multimedia, le jury poursuit l'etude des travaux et affine, au fur et a mesure, ses evaluations.
In the first step, reference image and target image were globally aligned using affine transformation.
Miron) and [C.sup.(0)] (in the affine bundle [T.sup.k]M 4 [T.sup.k-1] M, used for example in [3]).
Recall that the group of affine symplectomorphisms, which is the affine symplectic group AS[p.sub.n], is given by all transformations [mathematical expression not reproducible], where A is a 2n x 2n symplectic matrix and [z.sub.0] a fixed element of [R.sup.2n] [1].