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1. Linked by a close relationship.
2. Beholden to another; bound.

[French affiné, from Old French affin, closely related, from Latin affīnis, bordering on, neighboring, related by marriage : ad-, ad- + fīnis, boundary.]


closely related; connected



1. closely related or connected.
2. bound; obligated.
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Adj.1.affined - closely related; "syllable to blessed syllable affined"- Wallace Stevens
connected - joined or linked together
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The simplest way to avoid this problem involved extracting the ROI without mixer wall from the affined images.
Three-micron-thick affined formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor blocks obtained from patients were processed in the Pathology Department, Tzu Chi General Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan.
He presently serves as chairman of the supervisory board at Affined, chairman of the board of directors at Cell Medica and Vaximm.
The affordances for graph queries are better and the operational surface is highly affined to graph workloads.
The relation of cooling range and efficiency curves affined with the water flow rate is perceived in identical trends when comparing with results in former studies.
"They ensure an even mass coloration of the material, since they stay affined to the wood fiber, and stand out due to their great shine as well as their color and light stability."
According to the graph of variables (not shown) the compounds 3-methyl-1-butanol, 3-methylbutyl butanoate, and phenylmethyl butanoate show higher affinity for the axis 1, while 3-methylbutyl acetate and dodecanoic acid are more affined to axis 2; if it is compared with Figure 9 and the data (not shown), we can say that the latter two compounds are produced in higher quantities when the fermentation was performed in mixed culture; that is, this indicates the existence of synergism between strains.
Figure 4 shows examples of an interest point generated and its images that are rotated, affined, and scaled.