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tr.v. af·fixed, af·fix·ing, af·fix·es
1. To secure to something; attach: affix a label to a package.
2. To impute; attribute: affix blame to him.
3. To place at the end; append: affix a postscript to a letter.
4. Linguistics To add as an affix.
n. (ăf′ĭks′)
1. Something that is attached, joined, or added; an appendage or addition.
2. Linguistics A word element, such as a prefix or suffix, that can only occur attached to a base, stem, or root.

[Medieval Latin affīxāre, frequentative of Latin affīgere, affīx- : ad-, ad- + fīgere, to fasten; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]

af·fix′a·ble adj.
af′fix′al adj.
af′fix′al·ly adv.
af·fix′er n.
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Adj.1.affixed - firmly attachedaffixed - firmly attached; "the affixed labels"
unaffixed, loose - not affixed; "the stamp came loose"
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An excise stamp is a type of revenue stamp affixed to some exciseable goods to indicate that the required excise tax has been paid by the manufacturer.
For sedans, posters can be affixed to the car body and the rear window, a rule that also applies to four-wheel drives, which can also feature posters on the side windows towards the back of the vehicle, the ROP had said.
The consumers will now be sent water bills affixed with the pictures of their respective homes in future.
Internal revenue stamps affixed on the cigarette packs were tested using the Taggant reader, a BIR-registered equipment used to test the authenticity of stamps affixed on cigarette packs,' the BIR said.
If the product is affixed on the packaging, the importers, distributors, dealers, traders or retailers shall ensure that the box/package of the displayed unit is available for verification by DTI monitors/enforcers.
affixed to the front elevation of the building and 1 no.
7 dated July 7, 2014 but was released over the weekend, the DOF stated that all cigarette products made in the Philippines, including exports, as well as imported packs should be affixed with tax stamps.
Abbott Label, a family-owned label manufacturer based in Dallas, TX, USA, has announced it has acquired Brandt Affixing, a Carrolton, TX-based trade-only supplier of a wide variety of affixed and integrated products.
Driver isolation allows the LEDs to be affixed directly to a metal heat sink, avoiding the added expense of an electrically isolating enclosure that is often required for non-isolated drivers.
Instead, the military will recognize service members who directly affect combat operations without being present through distinguishing devices that will be affixed to already existing awards.
Material transferred into a small container that has insufficient room on the container to affix a label, an abbreviated label shall be affixed containing the material name, manufacturer's name, and stock number.
The device can be affixed with magnets or sucking cups (in case of plastic-based ships or boats), but a rope that is paid out of the case enables the diver to secure the mine to a shaft should need be.