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tr.v. af·flict·ed, af·flict·ing, af·flicts
To cause grievous physical or mental suffering to.

[Middle English afflighten, from afflight, disturbed, frightened, from Latin afflīctum, past participle of afflīgere, to cast down : ad-, ad- + flīgere, to strike.]

af·flict′er n.
af·flic′tive adj.
af·flic′tive·ly adv.
Synonyms: afflict, agonize, rack1, torment, torture
These verbs mean to bring great harm or suffering to someone: afflicted with severe arthritis; agonized to see her suffering; racked with guilt; tormented by migraine headaches; tortured by painful memories.


a person who causes distress, torment, or affliction
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The cast includes Jabbar, a Saudi Arabian Hulk-type figure with an improbable physique, and Darr the Afflicter, a paraplegic American who can manipulate nerve endings with his mind to trigger pain.
These psalms provide a bounty of language by which suffering people might give voice to their experience, even when it includes an accusation of God as afflicter.
The American hero, Darr, or "The Afflicter," is a young man paralyzed from the waist down when a drunk driver crashed into his car, killing his family.