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Materialism or overconsumption in affluent societies, seen as a societal and environmental menace, as in large-scale consumer debt and product waste.

[Blend of affluence and influenza.]


the guilt or lack of motivation experienced by people who have made or inherited large amounts of money. Also called: sudden-wealth syndrome
[C20: from aff(luent) + (in)fluenza]
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Can we now expect a series of similar affluenza pleas in defence of anti-social behaviour?
Couch and his wealthy parents should have been told that the cure for affluenza is a long poverty-stricken stretch in a prison where he would learn his money can't buy justice.
Couch and his wealthy parents should have been told the cure for affluenza is a poverty-stricken stretch in a prison where he would learn that his money can''t buy justice.
The consumptive nature of a beauty-identity has been famously depicted in the popular PBS documentary Affluenza.
As portrayed in the PBS documentary Affluenza, where people comfort themselves with material goods and ignore their deeper relationship issues, I was busying myself with accomplishment and avoidance, and embracing a looking glass self.
2008) The Selfish Capitalist: Origins of Affluenza, London, Vermilion.
His concern in these unflattering portraits is not just to critique affluenza, but to assert an alternative to ruling-class cosmology.
If, for example, you have recently been emailed the popular "What the World Eats" photo essay--juxtaposing pictures of American and European families and their weekly food supplies with pictures of fancifully garbed families in Bhutan, Chad, and other distant, underfed lands--you're seeing a trick essentially drawn from Affluenza.
Affluenza deals with affluence as a consumerist compulsion, while Scorcher covers the manipulations, in the manner of the tobacco lobby, which seek to dampen public concern about climate change.
Affluenza is "the affliction of being too focused [?
The amount of debt keeps rising so it seems that we'll be suffering from affluenza for a while to come.
From shopaholics and bankruptcies to those seeking meaning in material goods, AFFLUENZA details the process of recovery from physical and cultural clutter, and offers both personal and political remedies for the problem.