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tr.v. af·ford·ed, af·ford·ing, af·fords
1. To have the financial means for; bear the cost of: able to afford a new car.
2. To manage to spare or give up: can't afford an hour for lunch.
3. To manage or bear without disadvantage or risk to oneself: can afford to be tolerant.
4. To make available or have as a necessary feature; provide: a tree that affords ample shade; a sport affording good exercise.

[Middle English aforthen, from Old English geforthian, to carry out : ge-, perfective pref.; see yclept + forthian, to further (from forth, forth, forward; see per in Indo-European roots).]

af·ford′a·bil′i·ty (ə-fôr′də-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
af·ford′a·ble adj.
af·ford′a·bly adv.
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in an affordable or reasonably priced manner
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As flexible and versatile as forklifts, but more affordably priced, PowerStak walkie stackers are highly maneuverable and easy to operate.
Dakar: IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, signed an agreement on Tuesday with the government of Senegal to develop up to 200 megawatts of solar power under Scaling Solar, a World Bank Group initiative helping African countries procure renewable energy quickly and affordably. The planned utility-scale solar photovoltaic project underscores the government's commitment to integrate renewable energy resources in the West African country's energy mix.
Because of EEZOX's chemical make-up the entire line consists of only two products...EEZOX Premium Gun Care and EEZOX Premium Gun Duster; with EEZOX fanatics swearing using these two together will easily and affordably replace everything else currently in your gun cleaning kit.
According to the company, its focus is to deliver the energy and exceptional services to their customers and communities expect safely, reliably and affordably.