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tr.v. af·ford·ed, af·ford·ing, af·fords
1. To have the financial means for; bear the cost of: able to afford a new car.
2. To manage to spare or give up: can't afford an hour for lunch.
3. To manage or bear without disadvantage or risk to oneself: can afford to be tolerant.
4. To make available or have as a necessary feature; provide: a tree that affords ample shade; a sport affording good exercise.

[Middle English aforthen, from Old English geforthian, to carry out : ge-, perfective pref.; see yclept + forthian, to further (from forth, forth, forward; see per in Indo-European roots).]

af·ford′a·bil′i·ty (ə-fôr′də-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
af·ford′a·ble adj.
af·ford′a·bly adv.


in an affordable or reasonably priced manner
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com allows business owners and entrepreneurs to find and engage industry experts quickly, easily, and affordably.
Leekes, while stocking many of these favoured furniture brands, has also developed its very own range of lounge and dining room furniture which, as the name suggests, offers an Affordably Stylish collection that delivers on quality without breaking the bank.
The August 2005 Defense Department Manufacturing Technology Improvements for Warfighters pamphlet describes how the DoD ManTech Program "supports the development of a responsive, world-class manufacturing capability to affordably meet the warfighters' needs throughout the defense system life cycle.
Now in its eleventh edition, Say Good Night To Illiteracy is an affordably priced hardcover anthology of stories and poems from a wide variety of authors, chosen through Half Price Books' Bedtime Storybook Writing Contest.
Last winter, in the interest of promoting young talent (and to hype its new VVV Fox),Volkswagen hired 21 cutting-edge artists and art groups from all over the world to transform 61 rooms of the former Park Hotel, a conventional three-star hotel in central Copenhagen, into Hotel Fox (011-45-3313-3000), an affordably hip palace of wall-to-wall eye candy that opened in April.
An Injury Reduction Program designed for your facility can affordably reduce employees' lift- and transfer-related injuries while creating a safer environment for staff and residents.
Pinnacle Systems' broadcast, desktop and consumer products provide video professionals and consumers cutting-edge digital video tools to create, store, distribute and view web enabled digital video easier and more affordably than ever before.
The custom reports and information have been priced affordably for every type of real estate professional.
SAN ANTONIO -- Doppler, a full-featured, multilingual email marketing service, is a powerful self-serve email marketing Web tool that allows clients to affordably manage and control their eMarketing campaigns in almost any language.
This partnership, launching HSS' entry into the Internet Service and Solution space, will enable businesses of all sizes as well as Application Service Providers (ASPs) to deploy Intranet and Internet solutions quickly, easily and affordably with Technauts' eServer products.
This new subscription service allows businesses and consumers to easily and affordably send and receive encrypted e-mail messages from Outlook[R] and Outlook[R] Express e-mail clients.
This plug-and-play device can be deployed by non technical staff in minutesCoenabling organizations to quickly add users, locations, and devices to secure networks affordably and easily.