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 (ə-fôr′ĭst, ə-fŏr′-)
tr.v. af·for·est·ed, af·for·est·ing, af·for·ests
To convert (open land) into a forest by planting trees or their seeds.

[Medieval Latin afforēstāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Medieval Latin forēstāre (from forēsta, forest; see forest).]

af·for′es·ta′tion n.


[æˈfɒrɪstɪd] ADJ [land] → poblado de árboles
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Bozoy-lu also called on officials to protect the lake by preserving its environment, saying: "Our struggle is going to continue until the lake's environment has been afforested.
Under this project, the Forest Department will make plantation around the dam and nearby hills besides fencing the afforested areas a period of five years and developing range lands for livestock purposes.
O'Connell AM, Grove TS, Mendham DS, Ranee SJ (2003) Changes in soil N status and N supply rates in agricultural land afforested with eucalypts in south-western Australia.
Development of earthworm populations in afforested colliery spoil heaps in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic.
Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Makhlouf said the campaign started from the crossing because it is considered a cultural gate into Syria as 25 hectares have been afforested, indicating that the "campaign is a part of the reconstruction stage which will continue along with the victories achieved by the Syrian army.
Under the new CAP, producers can now include hedges, stone walls, short rotation coppice, afforested land, fallow land and nitrogen fixing crops such as peas and beans.
Corollary to the afforested problems and to test the conclusiveness of the findings of this study, the following hypotheses are formulated.
In afforested blocks and open hill country in particular, the use of dogs to flush foxes to waiting guns is seen as an effective method of their control but it does require a number of dogs to carry out the flushing if this is to work in the large covers we have in Wales.
Farmers will need to adopt measures from a list of options which include fallow land, field margins, hedges, areas with green cover/ nitrogen-fixing crops, buffer strips, trees and afforested areas.
The samples were collected in the afforested land of SM EAmpersandC, which has more than 450,000 of B.
The terror of the rebels becomes a nightmare for tribal villages lying in afforested regions, and locals have to deal with this fear on an every day basis.
This material is significant, as it was collected in high mountain areas between 1400 and 3000 metres above sea level, confirming Cogan's (1971, 1977) assumption that Afrotropical representatives of the genus Suillia may be chiefly restricted to afforested mountain areas, where the climate is more moderate and larvae are able to develop in basidiomycete fungi.