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 (ə-fôr′ĭst, ə-fŏr′-)
tr.v. af·for·est·ed, af·for·est·ing, af·for·ests
To convert (open land) into a forest by planting trees or their seeds.

[Medieval Latin afforēstāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Medieval Latin forēstāre (from forēsta, forest; see forest).]

af·for′es·ta′tion n.


[æˈfɒrɪstɪd] ADJ [land] → poblado de árboles
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Perez-Cruzado C, Sande B, Omil B, Rovira P, Martin-Pastor M, Barros N, Salgado J, Merino A (2014) Organic matter properties in soils afforested with Pinus radiata.
Accounting rules to measure the carbon emissions and removals from cropland, grassland, managed forest land, afforested and deforested land and wetland , including possible updates to be fit for purpose under the Paris Agreement; A basic commitment for each Member State to comply with the 'no-debit' rule by ensuring that for each 5-year compliance period (2021-25, 2026-30), the amount of carbon absorbed in the LULUCF sector is at least equivalent to that emitted, in accordance with the accounting rules; The Regulation does not lay down and obligations for private parties, including farmers and foresters; A balanced package of flexibilities, to cope with the large variety of national circumstances.
Since the 1960s, more than 10 000 ha of former opencast mining areas have been afforested in north-eastern Estonia [1] where Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.
In Karnataka, 10% of wasteland was afforested under JFM while in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and West Bengal, 17% of wasteland had been afforested.
According to WWF Pakistan report until August 2015 almost 160 million seedlings were verified and most of them are ready for plantation as well as almost 2000 hectare is afforested.
Besides, to support the environmental dimension in rural areas, there is an article of this law regarding afforestation activities that can be made by forest village entity to with the permission of forest organization or the appropriate areas can be afforested by forestry organization if the village entity has a demand.
The area occupied by natural stands of Pinus halepensis in Spain represents 7% of afforested land (Herranz, 2000), and plantations with this species represent 15% of those established between 1940 and 1980 (Abello, 1988).
Seventy-nine percent of the 37% sexually active adolescents confirmed the afforested.
The increase of urbanization within dense afforested pine is favouring the Collared dove density (Belda et al.
Out of this forest area, 690-acre area is not afforested while trees of Eucalyptus and Dalbergia (Sheesham) in multiple lakhs of number are planted on 1,900 acres of land.
Bozoy-lu also called on officials to protect the lake by preserving its environment, saying: "Our struggle is going to continue until the lake's environment has been afforested.