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tr.v. af·fright·ed, af·fright·ing, af·frights
To arouse fear in; terrify: "Many of nature's greatest oddities, that would affright dwellers up here, are accepted down there" (David Mazel).
1. Great fear; terror.
2. A cause of terror.

[Middle English afrighten, from Old English āfyrhtan : ā-, intensive pref. + fyrhtan, to frighten (from fyrhto, fright).]

af·fright′ment n.


(tr) to frighten
a sudden terror
[Old English āfyrhtan, from a-, a prefix indicating the beginning or end of an action + fyrhtan to fright]



1. to frighten.
2. sudden fear or terror; fright.
[before 1000; Old English āfyrhtan=ā- a-3 + fyrhtan; see fright]


Past participle: affrighted
Gerund: affrighting

I affright
you affright
he/she/it affrights
we affright
you affright
they affright
I affrighted
you affrighted
he/she/it affrighted
we affrighted
you affrighted
they affrighted
Present Continuous
I am affrighting
you are affrighting
he/she/it is affrighting
we are affrighting
you are affrighting
they are affrighting
Present Perfect
I have affrighted
you have affrighted
he/she/it has affrighted
we have affrighted
you have affrighted
they have affrighted
Past Continuous
I was affrighting
you were affrighting
he/she/it was affrighting
we were affrighting
you were affrighting
they were affrighting
Past Perfect
I had affrighted
you had affrighted
he/she/it had affrighted
we had affrighted
you had affrighted
they had affrighted
I will affright
you will affright
he/she/it will affright
we will affright
you will affright
they will affright
Future Perfect
I will have affrighted
you will have affrighted
he/she/it will have affrighted
we will have affrighted
you will have affrighted
they will have affrighted
Future Continuous
I will be affrighting
you will be affrighting
he/she/it will be affrighting
we will be affrighting
you will be affrighting
they will be affrighting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been affrighting
you have been affrighting
he/she/it has been affrighting
we have been affrighting
you have been affrighting
they have been affrighting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been affrighting
you will have been affrighting
he/she/it will have been affrighting
we will have been affrighting
you will have been affrighting
they will have been affrighting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been affrighting
you had been affrighting
he/she/it had been affrighting
we had been affrighting
you had been affrighting
they had been affrighting
I would affright
you would affright
he/she/it would affright
we would affright
you would affright
they would affright
Past Conditional
I would have affrighted
you would have affrighted
he/she/it would have affrighted
we would have affrighted
you would have affrighted
they would have affrighted
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.affright - an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxietyaffright - an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
fear, fearfulness, fright - an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)
swivet - a panic or extreme discomposure; "it threw her into a swivet"
Verb1.affright - cause fear inaffright - cause fear in; "The stranger who hangs around the building frightens me"; "Ghosts could never affright her"
bluff - frighten someone by pretending to be stronger than one really is
stimulate, stir, shake up, excite, shake - stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of; "These stories shook the community"; "the civil war shook the country"
awe - inspire awe in; "The famous professor awed the undergraduates"
terrify, terrorise, terrorize - fill with terror; frighten greatly
intimidate - make timid or fearful; "Her boss intimidates her"
alarm, horrify, appal, appall, dismay - fill with apprehension or alarm; cause to be unpleasantly surprised; "I was horrified at the thought of being late for my interview"; "The news of the executions horrified us"
consternate - fill with anxiety, dread, dismay, or confusion; "After the terrorist attack, people look consternated"
spook - frighten or scare, and often provoke into a violent action; "The noise spooked the horse"


To fill with fear:
Archaic: fright.
Idioms: make one's blood run cold, make one's hair stand on end, scare silly, scare the daylights out of.
Great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger:
Slang: cold feet.
Idiom: fear and trembling.


(archaic) [əˈfraɪt] VT (poet) → asustar, espantar


vt (old, liter)erschrecken
References in classic literature ?
She felt the novelty of her position, indeed, but no longer with disturbance or affright.
There is a dread, unhallowed necromancy of evil, that turns things sweetest and holiest to phantoms of horror and affright.
To my thinking now,'' said the Jester, who was frequently wont to act as peace-maker in the family, ``our master did not propose to hurt Fangs, but only to affright him.
What was, was; and may the good that is to come be for all, and the evil for him who goes to look for it -your worship must know that the beginning the old folk used to put to their tales was not just as each one pleased; it was a maxim of Cato Zonzorino the Roman, that says 'the evil for him that goes to look for it,' and it comes as pat to the purpose now as ring to finger, to show that your worship should keep quiet and not go looking for evil in any quarter, and that we should go back by some other road, since nobody forces us to follow this in which so many terrors affright us.
But I fear to affright her, and so I am silent of it.
Oh, difficulties do not affright me," said D'Artagnan.
The first feeling that pervaded Paris on hearing of the flight to Saint Germain, was that sort of affright which seizes children when they awake in the night and find themselves alone.
But my ears, you must know, are made in such a way, that all cries of distress and affright all over the world are pretty sure to find their way to them; and nine days ago, as I sat in my cave, making myself very miserable, I heard the voice of a young girl, shrieking as if in great distress.
The horse of the young Bostonian, who was in front, wheeled round with affright, and threw his unskilled rider.
Her look of affright I answered with one of composure, and finally with a smile, which perhaps flattered, and certainly soothed her.
What was the affright of Wolfert when he recognized the grisly visage of the drowned buccaneer
The words heard by the party upon the staircase were the Frenchman's exclamations of horror and affright, commingled with the fiendish jabberings of the brute.