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 (ə-fĭsh′ē-ə-nä′də, -fĭs′ē-, -fē′sē-)
A woman who is a devotee or fan.

[Spanish, feminine of aficionado, aficionado; see aficionado.]


a female aficionado


(əˌfɪʃ yəˈnɑ də, əˌfɪʃ ə-, əˌfi si ə-)

n., pl. -das.
a woman who is a devotee; fan.
[1950–55; < Sp: feminine of aficionado]
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The US Fashion aficionada is known for her passion of dressing in vintage clothes of 1920s to 1940s, which captivates number of photographs to document her beauty and unique style.
Mark Spano will lead a panel discussion with Sicily aficionada Karen La Rosa and Sicilian-American author/scholar Gaetano Cipolla after the September 12th show.
After retiring from her professorship at Hofstra University in her mid -70s, Joann moved to an apartment within walking distance of Manhattan's Lincoln Center and became an opera aficionada, as passionate about Luciano Pavarotti as Whitman had been over Marietta Alboni.
El presente articulo constituye una aproximacion a la subtitulacion aficionada de animacion japonesa (SAAJ) desde la perspectiva de la intertextualidad.
A lifelong aficionada of fine literature, she now spends her days translating books from English and French into Arabic, quietly consigning them to a cardboard box once she is finished.