afoul of

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a·foul of

1. In or into collision, entanglement, or conflict with.
2. Up against; in trouble with: ran afoul of the law.
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References in classic literature ?
Coming afoul of that old man has a sort of turned me wrong side out.
And now I will tell how it came about that Robin Hood fell afoul of the law.
An Alabama Ford dealer ran afoul of corporate with its Fourth of July promotion.
'The suspended chairman is running afoul of the law.
The parents claimed the officials ran afoul of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, violated families' constitutional rights, including their religious freedom, and committed conspiracy to promote the sale and use of biological and chemical weapons on California citizens, among other claims.
City Attorney Mike Feuer claims it runs afoul of a voter-approved measure limiting the number of dispensaries in the city and is an unauthorized use of the property.
The 43-year-old actor plays the role of a literary professor whose gambling addiction sees him run afoul of gangsters in the upcoming movie.
WITH CONSUMER REVIEWS A STAPLE OF THE INTERNET, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally issued guidance on whether registered investment advisors (and investment advisor representatives) can use content from sites such as without running afoul of its so-called testimonial rule.
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) isn't just for technology companies --manufacturers can run afoul of the law as well.
Because Telekom Austria already owned Mobil-tel in Bulgaria, its prospective acquisition of Vivacom could run afoul of competition authorities, which is why the Austrian company was contemplating a break-up of Vivacom, keeping the fixed-line and broadband business, but selling the mobile operations.
The machine-tool producer ran afoul of Japanese regs concerning shipments to South Korea and China.