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 (ăf′rēt′, ə-frēt′)
Variant of afreet.


(ˈæfriːt; əˈfriːt)
(Non-European Myth & Legend) a variant spelling of afreet


or af•rit

(ˈæf rit, əˈfrit)

a powerful evil demon or monster in Arabian myths.
[1795–1805; < dial. Arabic ‘afrīt < Pahlavi āfrītan]
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Brigadier Hamid Saeed Al Afrit, Deputy Director General of Security and Ports at Abu Dhabi Police, urged the public to desist from practices that may lead to material losses, environment pollution, or fires and put the safety of the community and property at risk.
In this version, Night 602 tells the story of a girl held captive by an Afrit who betrays him with every man she meets, collecting their seal rings as trophies, a story which parallels one of the adventures of King Shahryar and his brother in the frame story.
The pacing suddenly picks up, however, at the midway point when Azra discovers that her father's plots in Janna hinge on her powers, that she is the only one who can stop the Afrit from overpowering the human world, and that everyone she loves is in danger.
Herinrichting kruispunt Nieuwe Steenweg (N60) en op- en afrit E17 in De Pinte.
Summary: Colonel Hamid Said Al Afrit, head of the Weapons and Explosives Department at the Directorate General of the Security and Ports Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, said the value of the weapons sold reflects the turnout at the exhibition.
Peu connu du grand public marocain, cet heritier de la chanson traditionnelle maghrebine allant de Hocine Slaoui a Dahmane El Harrachi, en passant par Cheikh El Afrit, Bey a developpe une vision musicale personnelle.
Customers wanting to sign-up for AFRIT email notifications should log on to AEF Online at http://aef.
Monica word op pad van Soweto by 'n afrit na die snelweg geskiet, sy bevind haarself dikwels alleen op pad na Ella se woonstel in die Johannesburgse middestad; ook Ella is dikwels op pad na die hospitaal, na haar werk, na die park .
His lawyer Mohammed Afrit Bennani, in an interview following the trial, said,
Ada Afrit, 43, fell 100 feet still sitting in her chair.
afreetalso spelled afrit, afrite, efreet, ifrit Arabic `ifrit