after a fashion

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Adv.1.after a fashion - to some extent; not very well; "he speaks French after a fashion"
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بِصورَة ما، لَيس بِصورَة مُتْقَنَه
jakž takž
svona og svona, òokkalega


(ˈfӕʃən) noun
1. the style and design of clothes. Are you interested in fashion?; (also adjective) a fashion magazine.
2. the way of behaving, dressing etc which is popular at a certain time. Fashions in music and art are always changing.
3. a way of doing something. She spoke in a very strange fashion.
ˈfashionable adjective
following, or in keeping with, the newest style of dress, way of living etc. a fashionable woman; a fashionable part of town.
ˈfashionably adverb
after a fashion
in a way, but not very well. She can speak French after a fashion.
all the fashion
very fashionable. Long skirts were all the fashion last year.
in fashion
fashionable. Tweed jackets are in fashion.
out of fashion
not fashionable. Long skirts are out of fashion at present.
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